Saturday, March 2, 2013

Saturday in Tucson

Back at Safeway again....can't wait til Monday and our internet usage is reset.  

Today we enjoyed morning and early afternoon outside in the glorious warm sun.  It has finally warmed up here and Dave didn't have to disconnect our water lines last night, the temp. stayed above freezing.

All we did after lunch was get a little shopping out of the way....I need binoculars and some more "sturdy" sandals/water shoes, like Dave has.   Also we were on the trail of a good walking stick to help me with some  of the more uneven sections of trails, oh and a few other things.  We came across an art fair in the parking lot of the plaza so took a breeze around looking for a hiking stick.    Long story short, found the sandals, found the stick and some other things but no binoculars.   I'll have to wait til the next RV park and just order them from Amazon.

Tomorrow we see Carm again.   She wants to see our campsite and then we're going back to the house for a dinner of spaghetti and her famous sauce.  Eat your heart out Jesse!

Pam, here are a few cactus pictures for you - alas, no crested saguaro's in sight.

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the ridiculous~


  1. Thanks, Sue, for the saguaro pictures! Love the guy with all the arms.

    Lisa has a magnificent pair of binoculars. They weren't cheap but oh do they give such clear long distance views. Well worth it for birding. Check with her. She did lots of research first.

  2. Sue - Just landed at Catalina yesterday (B43). If you have time before you pull out - would love to say hi.