Friday, March 1, 2013

Tucson - Friday

I'm back for just a few moments because the laptop's battery is about to die.  I'm siting at a Safeway near our beautiful campground, Catalina State Park in Tucson, Az.  Our site is a beautiful grassy place (Sasha is jumping for joy) nestled in a mesquite bosque at the foot of the Santa Catalina Mountains.

Friends, Hans and Lisa were right across from us and we shared a good happy hour on Wednesday when we first arrived.   They left this morning and already someone new has moved in.  This is a busy place, but it feels beautiful and quiet.   We took a lovely bird hike this morning and saw some new to us birds most notably vermillion flycatchers!    Fun.

We spent yesterday with Carm, our old Geneseo neighbor....old in that she and her late husband, Joe, were our neighbors many many years ago and old because she is 88 years young!   She wouldn't mind me telling you that.....

I'll just post a couple pictures, if time allows, and get back to you all again soon!

view outside our windshield - Hans and their rig in front of those beautiful mountains

in case you missed seeing my sunsets.....

little Carm

tutoring Dave in the finer points of making one of our favorites.....

piazza fritta!!!!

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  1. We are back in a "little" RV park. But, we have weak internet. We will need to drive somewhere today (Starbucks!!)so John can upload pictures to work on the blog(s). I am anxious to share our stay at Valley of Fire. Such a wonderful place and magnificent campground.

    Very neat that you were able to get some visiting time with Hans and Lisa. We enjoyed our hike to the Romero Pools and tour of the campground while we were in Tucson. Very nice views!

    Don't forget to add some saguaro pictures!! I really am missing them!

    We moved to Zion River RV Park outside Zion NP yesterday. We will be here for a month. Our view out side is beautiful, as well.

    How great to be 88 and in such great shape. What are piazza fritta? Please share a recipe.

    Enjoy your stay in Catalina!