Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter Sunday

tired bunny, on his way home.....

It was a quiet day here at Beluga.  We shared our normal morning routine, we read, we watched the birds, we looked over some legal paperwork and we got ready to drive into Phoenix for our Easter dinner appointment.

Gilded Flicker on our bird spa snag

Our hosts for dinner today were Dr. Bob and his wife Kay.  They live in a beautiful home at the foot of iconic Camelback Mountain in Phoenix.  I erred when I told you he was Dave's brother in law's nephew....he's not.  More like the brother in law's cousin.  These relationships really throw me off, so I apologize.  JoAnn has a sure fire formula for keeping track of complex family positions, but it doesn't help me one little bit!   All I know is that Bob and Kay are lovely, welcoming people and we were honored to be asked to share the holiday with them.
on our way

the Praying Monk on Camelback Mtn.

Monk as seen from Dr. Bob's back yard

Dave and Dr. Bob traveling down memory lane in the comfort of  his beautiful back yard
I hope you all had a good day, the kind of day that made you happy.   We did.


  1. I notice that you didn't post any pictures of Beluga? Is she okay?

    I imagine that she's on her side, like a beached whale....exhausted by now. All these long, dusty miles, site after site, long and hilly climbs (puff, puff). And that sun ...she's probably bleached a total white by now or very sunburned. And she never gets any "alone" time anymore. No cute little Morton building to relax in and rest.

    Rest??? Absolultely not! She's on the go all the time now ...and she's no spring chicken, you know!

    I think she needs some time off ...a breath of fresh air (as in NY breaths!) Maybe she should be on a daily vitamin. Her primary care doctor (Dr. Dave) takes very good care of her but, you know, she's a big girl and she needs her rest.

    She'll perk up with an iron pill too ...or maybe you should add some premium gas for one of her saloon stops! That would be mighty pricey ..but only the best for the Beluga!

  2. What beautiful views Dr. Bob and his wife have.