Tuesday, March 26, 2013


No Monday post, sorry.  The day got really busy doing nothing of any consequence, or rather, nothing interesting.    We had dinner with Carm at her favorite restaurant and then went back to her house to do a load of laundry and watch DWTS (no ABC here at Catalina SP).   By the time we got back I was way too full and sleepy to sit at the computer.

Ah well, I lied.  We did see ONE interesting thing yesterday.....

For you, Pam

So, today...We did a little more bird-scaping at our bird spa tree.  Dave put more oranges up for the Woodpeckers and flickers.   They appreciated the sweet juicy flesh.

Later in the day he went outside to talk with a fellow camper, he had on a red shirt then.  Lesson learned, don't wear a red shirt in an area heavily used by hummingbirds!   They nearly knocked his head off checking out that red tee shirt!  Before our little hike, he changed back into the blue one, no sense tempting fate!

It was very hot here today, closing in on 87 degrees.  We decided to take a short hike anyway, only about a mile round trip.   It was lovely and we saw so many tiny colorful flowers.  We've yet to see a Saguaro blossom yet, but we're watching them closely.

I love the clouds that form over the mountains

Another dinner with Carm tonight, its probably the last one we'll have with her for awhile.  We'll really miss seeing her and being on the receiving end of that wonderful smile.


  1. Thank you so much!! What a beautiful cresty!! Oh, I really miss the saguaros! That guy with all the arms is huge!

    You got some gorgeous pictures of the flowers. Glad you shared. We have some little ground flowers here but that's it.

    It is amazing how the hummingbirds come to anything red. John and I were sitting outside somewhere in AZ and John had a black sweatshirt with large red lettering. The hummingbirds kept coming at him. He had to take it off.

    Keep the beautiful nature photos coming!

  2. Well, we are far from those brilliant desert colors ....just itty bitty crocuses popping up but then they get so disheartened with the dreary, cold weather. Aaah, Spring ....come on to us!

  3. My favorite time of year in the desert. So much beauty.