Saturday, March 23, 2013


Back to Benson for one night on our way to Catalina State Park (Tucson).   We left Roper Lake State Park after an enjoyable stay that had come to an end.  Too many tents, flapping in the wild winds, too many smokey campfires, too many bikes.    We decided a long time ago that when a place isn't fun anymore, we'd just move on, no guilt, no what ifs, just move on.

As I said, it was very very windy again and Dave had to keep both hands firmly on Beluga's wheel to stay between the lines. For the first thirty or so miles of our trip we took the brunt full on the side, but after that it was just an strong, annoying headwind.    We stopped for fuel at a Travel America truck stop and found out that we should try to avoid the dedicated truck lanes when fueling up.   The woman at the check out told Dave that the truck lanes are charged almost 8 cents more per gallon than the pumps on the car/rv side of the station (at least here in Arizona).     Something about trucker's over the road taxes.   You learn something new every single day.

Texas canyon rocks

We drove back along US 191 south, backtracking along the same route we took to get to Safford on Monday.  This highway runs from Mexico all the way north to Canada. Then  I-10 took us west, through miles and miles of high plateau with distant mountain views. I didn't take any pictures because the air was fairly dusty and hazy from the big blow we were driving in.  As we neared  Benson, we passed through an interesting, rocky area called Texas canyon.

So, tonight we're back at the SKP;s Saguaro Co-op park for a night of full hook-ups, cable TV, paved spot with a beautiful view of the Dragoon Mtns. for $15.50 a night!   Such a deal...

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  1. Gee, we didn't know that about the fuel. No one has ever said anything. We are now trying to just use Flying J or Pilot since we finally started using our rewards card. That saves on every gallon. But we will keep what you said in mind as we travel around.

    You're smart cookies! Why stay when you don't have to! That's why we don't like to make advanced reservations unless we absolutely have to (like Holiday Cove) or know the place we are going to visit. Sometimes you are ready to move on, sometimes you need more time. We've always been able to find something.

    I am SO jealous!! I found I really like the Tucson area. You might catch the saguaros blooming. Enjoy!!!