Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Tuesday - good bye Patagonia, hello Bisbee!

Patagonia police station
Radio station

Patagonia Gas Station

Catholic church

and the Wagon Wheel Saloon

Other than the Post Office, market, and the Velvet Elvis, you've now seen Patagonia in its entirety.
We left the State Park around noon today and drove a couple hours east to our next destination, Bisbee, Arizona.     We're in the Queen Mine RV Park, above the Queen copper Mine.   This is a tiny, gravely RV park with motorhomes and/or trailers arranged in a semi circle around an empty gravel lot.  The sites are all back ins and either over look the funky hill town of Bisbee or, in our case, the mine.   It has a beauty all its own and we set up our sitting area directly behind Beluga so we can take advantage of the vistas.   Nina, Paul and Polly came over for happy hour and we enjoyed catching up and downing  the smoked salmon spread we were compelled to buy at AJ's in Tucson...

Dinner was an outstanding pizza from Screaming Banshee Pizza in the center of Bisbee.    I told you this was a funky town.  I can't wait to stroll around the streets tomorrow.   Pictures to follow.

Time for bed, tomorrow either we'll check out Bisbee, or go on the Queen Mine fun fun!


  1. My kind of town! Looks very cool and funky...loved the professional exterior of the police station. Whew ...that will surely keep away all the troublemakers! Have fun, you two!

  2. We love Bisbee. So much better than Tombstone. Be sure to check out the Bisbee Breakfast Club. It was closed the day we were there, but we ate at the one in Tuscon. Great food.

  3. Glad your move went well and you are enjoying your new site.