Friday, March 15, 2013

Friday - a day for eating

We started today off at the Bisbee Breakfast Club with Nina and Paul.  The restaurant is on a street seemingly removed from the rest of Bisbee, by distance and in time....

BBC has interesting interior features

After a good breakfast, we four strolled down a street frozen in time.  I felt like I was in a Twilight Zone episode.

Is this Lucy's Long Long Trailer?

After we got back to Beluga and the Beast, Dave and Paul changed clothes and headed out to the Turquoise Valley Golf Club to play 9 holes.  Nina and I thought they were crazy to play in this blazing heat, but they were nonplussed.
I did a load of laundry,  a bit of internet work, copied some paperwork and then met Nina for a crazy little outing of our own.   Too hot to play golf?   How about going out for a nice cup of hot chocolate?  Yep, the Chocolate Shop was finally open and they boast the world's best cup of hot chocolate, so what were two curious girls to do but see if the claim was accurate.

The claim was true, tested and true.  Delicious, albiet small, cups of velvety hot chocolate.  I had a teeny tiny scoop of vanilla ice cream floating in mine, it was a hot day after all....

This was our last night here in Bisbee and there was one more restaurant we all wanted to try, so at dinner time we walked down the hill into town to our table at Santiago's Mexican restaurant.  We were hoping we could walk off the calories before we ate them....   Think it worked?   Two pictures are worth a thousand words, right?



  1. That looks like alot of food!! But, I love, love, love Bisbee....I wanna visit, for sure! too bad you have to leave town.

    So, what's next?

    Dave, I was thinking about Sue and her photography. When she gets back east, let's put on a show of her could definitely mean your next million dollars! What a neat show it would be!!

    Jesse...tell your mother to start planning. Then she could take her show on the road and continue her travels. Woops ...I don't REALLy want that part!

  2. I am really sorry we missed Bisbee. What a neat street! You are correct...a step back in time.

    Glad you are having such a great time with good friends and food!

    Travel safely to your next stop.