Thursday, March 28, 2013


We left Catalina State Park just after lunch and drove north on AZ routes 77, 79, 60 and 87 through beautifully blooming deserts.   I still haven't seen a Saguaro in flower yet, but the Ocotillo are tipped with vivid scarlet flowers and the roadsides are awash in color.

We're back at McDowell Mountain Regional Park, just over the McDowell Mountains from Phoenix and Scottsdale.   We enjoyed our stay here so much last time that we were happy to be able to get a site  for 10 days or so.
We're looking forward to just relaxing and "smelling the roses" this time.  We've been invited to Dave's brother-in-law's nephew's home for Easter dinner (it took us a long time to figure out the relationship and I think we've got it right....) and we'll try to touch base with Linda and Dave again.

I love our site, its wide open to the spectacular mountain views, yet nestled down in the green desert.  Just right for relaxing.

looking right

looking left
We haven't set up our bird feeders yet, but already we've noticed lots of birds around us.


  1. Looks like a super locations. I love your view. It doesn't look like the saquaros even have any buds yet. You need to stay til they blossom so you can take tons of pictures for me.

    Enjoy your kick back time! Have a great Easter dinner!

  2. How wonderful you are in flower territory! Hardly any flowers blooming in Silver City. That's great you've got a long stay in McDowell!