Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Wednesday - exploring Bisbee

We booked a Mine tour for tomorrow at 10:30 and then set off to check out Bisbee.  What a neat little town this is.

view from our RV park

a flat section of Main Street

As I said before, this town is composed of streets terraced into the mountains, so there are lots and lots of stairs and elevation changes.  Makes for interesting walking.   It has an almost European feel and we enjoyed our up and down walking/driving tour.   We walked til we got tired, then we drove.   Some of the streets weren't even streets, we discovered.  One such "street" got narrower and narrower as we ascended causing  us to pull in our mirrors (we were driving the jeep, not Beluga!) so as to avoid scraping the houses and walls on either side.  This "street" ended rather unceremoniously and wonderful, calm  Dave had to back down the entire, twisty, length.  He even stopped instantly each time I saw a picture I wanted to capture, even while he was backing down!     But.....what an interesting little path this was.

we were being watched...

After that excursion, we tried to stay on wider streets.   Here are some of the things we saw.

this "house" had no walls or roof!

the "B" on the hillside stands for Bisbee.  Later in the evening it is lit!

people find creative ways to shore up the hillsides

close up of the retaining wall above

a minivan for all seasons.....

pennies, marbles and buttons
Phew!   I'm tired of posting pictures, and I bet you're tired of looking at them.  Check back tomorrow if you want to see a few more.

At the end of the day, Nina and Paul (and Polly of course) arrived with Mojitos and after we polished off the lovely fresh tasting drinks we went into Old Town Bisbee and had a delicious meal at Poco, a teeny vegan Mexican restaurant.   Mmmm    We capped off our culinary adventure with an after dinner drink at the town's smallest (3 stools) bar.  Since there were four of us we opted to enjoy our drinks in the "living room" beside their 30 year old kitty.  Don't ask!

Mine tour tomorrow, where the costume de riguer is a yellow slicker, and a hard hat complete with miner's light!!!!


  1. I would never "tire" of those types of pictures...I love Bisbee!!! So original and something interesting in each photo! Thanks for posting all those, Sue. And, yes, Dave is a perfect soulmate to you for stopping (even while backing!) at each camera shot. Wish I could have been there to video you two tourists backing down the street!

  2. Thanks for bringing back so many fond memories. Bisbee is one of our all time favorite towns. The people are wonderful.

  3. Thanks for such neat pictures. Marsha had said they enjoyed Bisbee and we fully intended to make a journey there. But, the day came and we went to the Titan Missile Museum instead. Turned out to be a good move because the road to Bisbee was closed because of the snow!!

    I love the house without a roof and that photo of the picture of the guy looking out the window. What great eyes you have for photos!

  4. Fun pics of a fun little town! Thanks for sharing!