Saturday, April 12, 2014

a few more horses

Friday morning Cindy and Walter took a tour of Rood and Riddle, a cutting edge, full service equine veterinary clinic.   We were set to go also, but I woke up feeling sort of bla, so we let them go on ahead while we stayed back and took care of some neglected paperwork.   They had way more fun.

A cold front swept through before lunchtime with strong wind, heavy rain, lightning and thunder and small hail.   D amn!   Cindy and I had planned on going into the actual Kentucky Horse Park in the afternoon and It wouldn't be much fun in the rain and wind.

Lucky for us all, the front blew through fairly quickly and the skies became clear.   The four of us split up and went our separate ways at the Horse Park.   Walter wanted to see some of the exhibits and museums, Dave wanted to walk the grounds and watch the preparations for the Rolex competition next week, and Cindy and I just wanted to watch horses.

We were all happy with our choices and met back at Beluga about 5 p.m. for cocktails and bushy tail sandwiches.     It was nice to talk about what we each saw and did.

Cindy and I stayed in the covered arena all afternoon watching the Kentucky Mountain Saddle Horses strut their stuff.    During their short lunch break we strolled the grounds and ended up in the Mounted Police barn to chat with an officer bathing his favorite horse, a thoroughbred/percheron cross.   He looked quite steady and calm, but the officer assured us that he was the barn's trouble maker.....

Once again, the barn cat rushed to greet us warmly.

Today, Saturday,  is our last day here, aren't you glad?    We tried a new restaurant for brunch and afterward  drove around downtown Lexington and marveled at the variety of beautiful homes and spring flowering trees that lined its streets.   A trip into the city merits another visit next time for sure.

section of historic district in Lexington

Back at Beluga Dave and Walter worked on a few electrical problems they have been having in their Sunnybrook and Cindy and I - went into the Horse Park to watch more horse shows.....

little Sunnybrook next to Beluga

First we snuck into the big American Saddlebred show and later walked back into the covered arena and watched more Kentucky Mountain Sport Horses.    We never got to see the German Shepherd Dog show taking place in the front of the campground.    Not enough hours in the day lately.

a class of under 11 year olds riding American Saddlebreds

Kentucky Mountain Saddle Horse

We ended our day back at Beluga for pizza and a huge salad.   Tomorrow morning we head on down the road towards home.   Its been a really nice time, we're so glad we came.

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  1. Sounds like a perfect place for a group of horse lovers. Glad your weather held (except the little hail storm) and you had a wonderful visit with your friends:) Travel safely back to NY.