Sunday, April 13, 2014

Sunday - heading home

We left the Kentucky Horse Park campground around 8:30 this morning with Cindy and Walter right behind us.

Nothing exciting, not a long drive, nor a short one.  We arrived at our overnight campground in Seville, Ohio after a little bit of excitement trying to find the place.    Maple Lakes is officially closed until the 15th, but Cindy convinced them to take us a any way.   Its early to bed tonight and the rest of the drive home tomorrow.

Here are a few random Lexington pictures....

Irish stone walls

equine cemetery at 3 Chimney's farm

spring in Lexington means babies everywhere

nap time in the warm sun

Man O War grave site


  1. The huge horse farms are beautiful. We loved riding the motorcycle through this area. Those babies are too cute:) Travel safely! John said you are just outside Canton which is where Paul and Marsha live!!

  2. That's some mighty fine looking country you are driving through! Thanks for sharing.

  3. There's something about fences, walls, gates, that add such interesting detail to a landscape. As a passenger I love to "travel" their boundaries with my eyes, and you captured some wonderful ones here. Thanks for sharing more of the beautiful countryside and safe travels home.

  4. Love to see the babies! Looks like springtime in Kentucky is a feast for the eyes.