Friday, April 11, 2014

Warning - more horses ahead

If you're not interested in horses, you've probably been bored the last few comes another one.

Yesterday, after another great lunch at Wallace Station, we arrived at the famous Three Chimney's Farm for a tour of their stallion operation.  We had two tour guides actually.   One human, and one sweet little girl that raced to meet our group as soon as we opened the gate and entered the paddock.  She stayed with us the entire tour, pausing for photos and leaving us only for water and a bit of kibble.

one of our most attentive guides,

Three Chimney's stands 10 world class stallions and the boys have many "dates" each year.   Their digs are comparable to a 5 star hotel, their every need and desire is catered to.  They run in green pastures each morning, are bathed, brushed, fed, and live in 20 x 20  finished oak stalls bedded belly deep in clean bright straw.  Life is pretty good for the stallions of Three Chimney's farm.
Seattle Slew's statue stands in front
of his home for many years

Sky Mesa
stud fee - $20,000

Cindy sweet talks Brilliant Speed

his reaction to Dave is not so nice......
I guess he just likes girls.

Big Brown - 2008 Kentucky Derby winner
I'm not including any pictures of the breeding shed or the activities it contains.   Its not for the faint of heart and we declined a personal viewing of the action.

After leaving Three Chimney's we drove back to the Horse Park and stopped in the Altec Stadium to watch a few American Saddlebred classes going on that afternoon.  Think we're all horsed out yet?   Nope.     We're here until Sunday morning.


  1. I am not a horse person at all but these posts have been very interesting. I don't think I have ever said this, but those horses are beautiful.

  2. I guess those boys have earned their great digs! No visit to the breeding shed? Thanks for not including this. For some reason I have seen that on TV. It must have been a new report of some kind but I don't have good memories.
    Francesca is so cute. What a big, fluffy girl. Thanks for the new information:)

  3. Certified horsey girl here so bring 'em on! Francesca is adorable. I'm sure she thinks people come to see her :-).

  4. $20,000 stud fee? but that is a good looking horse. My sister would love all your posts, she likes horses.