Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Easter or Christmas?

Looking out our windows today I wasn't sure whether Easter was on our doorstep or Christmas.....

The house fared well during our winter south.   Only a couple minor repairs to be taken care of and, luckily, Mr. David's A-1 Plumbing Service has a branch in our home town.   One call was all it took and he arrived with a new apprentice in tow.

His new recruit didn't seem very well versed in the tools needed to install a new float valve in one of the bathrooms, but Mr. David was very patient and explained what was needed.

To his credit, the apprentice was very interested in all phases of the repairs and the work was completed in record time.

I'm so lucky to have Mr. David's ear as he has friends in all areas of the service industry.   He even knew the lonely Maytag repairman and dispatched him to fix the heating element of my clothes dryer.     I have lots of laundry and am so grateful.

He even does lucky am I?

(and, yes, those are stolen daffodils....)


  1. How nice that Mr. David was available so quickly to work on the repairs. He sure has the cutest apprentice. I hope Mr. David gave that work young lad a treat! I need to find one of those repairman/housemaids. I have the repairman that comes frequently, but I need to work on the domestic helper:)

    That is a nasty picture out your window!

  2. That's one mighty hairy apprentice!

    Snow indeed! What is Mother Nature thinking?

  3. Yikes! That is one frosty world outside your window.

    Happy to see you still have full access to Mr. David's home repair services.

  4. How lucky for your work crew that the day's repairs were indoors! Just like the RV - it's always something :-).

  5. Your Mr. Dave sounds like my Mr. Paul. Your a bit more lucky though. My Mr. Paul only dries dishes, no washing for him.

  6. I can hear the apprentice asking a lot of questions!