Sunday, April 27, 2014

Beginnings and endings

He's at it again, undeterred by the meager pickings.....a few daffodils here and there.

our Magnolia is getting close.....

After a bit of landscaping work this morning, Dave and I headed to the Conesus Lake inlet to see if we missed the annual Walleye and Northern Pike spawning.   We are a couple weeks later than usual, but hoped that since the weather is at least that late we may be in luck.

Spring is just beginning to show at the tips of bushes and trees.  The inlet waters are running clear and fast.

a few fish spawning, but not what we were looking for

We had the conservation area all to ourselves, a hint that the spawning was not taking place.  Either we were too early (probably not) or too late.   No matter, we enjoyed our walk along the stream listening to the sounds of early spring.   Red Wing blackbirds, Canada Geese, Buffle Heads and swooping Martins.     We walked through the swamp at the south end of the lake and down to the little dam where the Walleye and Northern's congregate below the swiftly falling water.

Spring trying to begin

Endings......Jesse's wonderful girlfriend Erin's father, Don, died today after a long and painful illness.   She and her mother were by his side.

Happy times with Don and Susan 


  1. So sorry to hear about Erin's father but at the same time, it sounds like it was a blessing for him and his family. Hope you are both able to make the journey west.

    Kevin was still looks very wintery there. Good you found a few peaks at spring. Sounds like a nice break from your cleaning chores:)

  2. Hugs to Erin and her family...May they walk calmly and with courage in the coming days.

  3. Sorry to hear about Erin's father. Must be an especially tough time for her with graduation just ahead.

    Spring does seem late there but I am used to Oregon where the daffodils bloom in February. Lovely walk along the river.