Friday, April 4, 2014

another day of golf and friends

Good night's sleep, second cup outside in the sun, 18 holes of golf with friends, dinner out.  Another day in paradise.

We leave tomorrow to continue our journey north.

Here are a few last shots of our time here....

The Wright's and the Bank's Discovery's parked at the first tee

the pine scent was heavenly

a bale of turtles bask in the sun

red reflection


  1. Sure was a wonderful two days. Thanks so much for joining us:)

  2. I always learn something new from you! A "bale" of turtles...never knew. I love it when you are coming north. Even more this year!

  3. Bale of turtles is a new term to me too. Just getting caught up on reading your posts. Looks like you found a great place to enjoy as a transition on your journey home. Isn't the bourbon trail next? Color me green with envy.

  4. Great Photography Sue, especially the pine trees and sunset reflections.