Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Settling in

Dave and I had a nice, low key Easter.  Good friend, Barb came down and we were able to sit outside and enjoy happy hour in the sun before coming in for roasted shrimp and asparagus pasta for dinner.    A bit too much happy hour shortened our evening and we all hit the hay before 11 p.m.  

Monday we met with one possible cottage builder so we'll see what kind of estimate he comes back with.  The weather was still fairly warm and we really enjoyed being at the lake site as we talked over our plans with him.   A pair of loons patrolled the waters and a feisty Kingfisher dove and dove again fishing for his lunch.   Good to see them again.

Today we drove my little car into the Rochester dealer to get inspected and brought back up to legal driving standards.   It will be nice to drive it while we're here.

Cold rain and plummeting temperatures today are very depressing.  Dave is up on the ladder cleaning the clogged gutters before the rain sets in for the next few days.  Mr. David's A-1 Property Management Co. said he couldn't possibly send anyone out in this weather, so Dave had to do it himself.     Will spring ever actually arrive for good?

happy forsythia branches
If we're not getting spring views outside, I've decided to create them inside!   When we first arrived home I cut some bare branches of forsythia. put them in a bucket of water and brought them into the warmth of the kitchen.   They rewarded me with beautiful yellow blossoms.   Their brothers outside are still completely bare however.

fragrant hyacinth blossoms

before the cold rain started I rescued
the only 3 daffodils that dared show
their faces outside

bare trees in the pasture
will they ever leaf out?

at least this American Goldfinch is positive
Spring is here.....
He's sporting full breeding plumage


  1. We are getting your rain and cooler temps tonight. Yuck!

  2. My mother keeps wonder the same thing. Seems like winter just won't leave for good.

    The forsythia really do say spring. Smart idea to force them into spring:)

  3. The weather up there makes our dilly dallying in Alabama a sound decision. Winter seems to be still tightening its hold and not letting go.

  4. We were in Laughlin, NV over the weekend and it was 101 degrees for two days. Sort of like Summer slapping you in the face before Spring even says hello! Hope the builder has good news for the lake cottage :-).

  5. How exciting to meet with a potential cottage builder. Spending time at the lake sounds like a great way to spend the day. Next time I want photos of the loons and maybe a sound clip too!

    The spring flowers and goldfinch are a special delight. I could almost smell those hyacinth.