Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Heading north

Today we really left Holiday Cove.  We drove away around 9:30 and picked up I-75 north, heading for Ashburn, Georgia.  It was an uneventful drive, the weather was beautiful, traffic wasn't a problem, we just sailed along.

As we crossed over into Georgia we began to see banks of daffodils in the center median and many of the brick homes were trimmed with shocking pink azaleas in full bloom.   Spring is alive in Georgia.  

We also saw so many huge billboards lining the interstate.   The usual array of hotel and fast food announcements, but on this particular stretch of road they were liberally sprinkled with huge ads for places to buy the best pecans, places to buy the best peanuts and the best way to find Jesus (and what happens if you don't)......interesting.

We arrived at Wanee Lake Country Club and RV Resort around 5.  Pam and John were waiting to escort us to our site facing the 1st tee of the golf course...sweet!     This place is so calm and quiet and green.   Just what we need for the next few days.    Lewis needs it because he can zoom around to his heart's content.   Even old Sasha Marie thundered around a bit before she plopped down in front of her fan.    This will be nice.

view from Beluga's windshield at our golf view site, pretty nice!


  1. Oh how I wish Paul and I were with you four. That is a gorgeous area. Enjoy your time with Pam and John.

  2. Pretty nice site …but what if a golf ball is misdirected to someone's windshield?