Thursday, April 3, 2014

Nice indeed!

Yesterday I said that I expected this place to be nice.    I was right, this campground/golf course is so very nice.   The sites are large and grassy and the views and solitude are just what we like.  The golf course rules are quite relaxed and play is free with the cost of your site!  FREE!    No tee times, just walk out of your motorhome and right onto the first tee.

We all slept very well last night.   It was cool enough to have the windows open and the fresh air was delightful.  We woke to birds singing and sun shining through the blinds.

the boys enjoy a walk in the misty morning
Dave took the dogs out for a long morning walk on the course before anyone was awake.   When he opened our windshield curtains, he got quite a surprise.   Flat Stanley - inside!  Crawling up the inside of the windshield looking for a way out.    How did he get in?

Pardon the fuzzy picture, but I was trying to focus quickly before he got to the top of the window and found a hiding place.    Dave managed to scoop him up and relocate him far from Beluga.  I hope he finally gets the hint......

    Pam and John joined us outside for second cup.   Lewis was almost beside himself, friends, second cup treats and playing "fish" right from our chairs - oh happy day!

The four humans got on the course around 11:30a.m.   Sasha thought she might like to drive the trolley, but then what would I have to do?

stretching is very important before golf
the men compare equipment

tres amigos heading out
Dave jokes with John's earnest caddy
dedicated caddy takes the long way around

azaleas beginning to bloom in the pine woods
Will John make it over the water?
Will Dave make it over the water?

Spring has begun in earnest here in southern Georgia.  Birdsong is everywhere.   I heard Cardinals, Mockingbirds, Chickadees, Wrens, Titmice, Flickers, Woodpeckers (Piliated, I think), hummingbirds, Bluebirds, Chipping Sparrows, and Crows as we moved through the golf course.

Flowers are beginning to color the landscape.  Azalias, Dogwoods, Redbud, Wysteria.

We played 9 holes then ducked into our respective Discovery's for a quick lunch.  I hear the the dedicated caddy that John uses also serves him lunch outside.   Lucky man is John.

After lunch we played another 9, then cocktails, then off into bustling downtown Ashburn for a delicious Mexican dinner.     On our way home, Dave complied with my gentle request to turn down a narrow dirt road toward the setting sun so that I could get a good picture to show you.  It was beautiful and even John tried his hand at capturing it.    

What a great day!

John borrows my camera for a selfie with the sunset
Dave takes this shot

The sunset was a perfect ending to a perfect day.


  1. It was a super perfect day! What an awesome life:)

  2. What an amazing golf/camping set up! The trees are gorgeous! It seems spring has truly sprung!

  3. Beautiful! Spring has finally sprung for all the golfers.