Friday, July 5, 2013

Friday - 5th of July

I have only one fireworks picture that is even remotely interesting.   I took lots of shots, none of them turned out but I finally put the d amn camera down and just enjoyed the 360 views.  We are right above the fair grounds where a huge display started at 10:30 and lasted almost an hour.  BUT, everyone, as far as we could see, had invested in fireworks and we were the recipients.   Thank you Polson and Flathead Lake!

Sasha made it through the booming and crashing quite well.  Two benadryl had her trying to fuss, but ultimately snoring through the whole extravaganza.

This morning all we had on the docket was to move Beluga to a new spot.  Someone has reserved our beautiful hill top site so if we want to stay (and I really do) we had to move down one level.   No problem, the new site is a corner and we still have our beautiful view of the lake, mountains and runway.

Don stopped by before we moved and invited us to their place for cake and ice cream after dinner.  Today is his 72nd birthday!    Lewis wasn't quite sure who this guy was sitting in his Beluga, so he positioned himself on the couch behind Dave, on the off chance that the guy bites.

Move accomplished around 11:30, so we decided to go into "downtown" Polson and their Friday Farmer's Market.   We've been ruined by Eugene's market, so we were through this little one in a few minutes.  We bought some lovely looking radishes and a piece of rhubarb coffee cake for tomorrow's second cup.

It was lunch time when we were done, and Dave was really interested in having a good breakfast sandwich, so we went back to the lake and sat outside at Betty's Diner.   Good eggs and pretty nice view.

enjoying the lake view while he waits for his egg sandwich

I thought we were heading home after lunch, but Dave suggested 9 holes of golf, so I didn't argue.   It was a beautiful day, sunny, warm and the humidity had completely gone.   A fellow camper (at Eagle's Nest RV) told us about a small 9 hole par 3 course on the campus of the Salish-Kootenai Nation College, so we drove down to Pablo to check it out.   It was practically empty so we grabbed a trolley and off we went!


We had a ball, only one other twosome on the course and we were done before we knew it.   Too bad, it was lots of fun and very low key.   Maybe we'll find time to play there again before we leave.

The dogs were happy to have us home and Dave put the awning out so we could all sit outside and enjoy our late  afternoon routine of G&T and toss the "fish".

the end of the runway is a little closer in our new site

Lewis enjoys searching through the rose bushes for his fish

when he finally locates the lost fish,  he shoots it out off the bushes, through his back legs, along with most of the landscaping stones.

They love us here....

As you may be able to see in the shady shots above, our site has a few lovely rose bushes....Hmmmmm.


  1. This park reminds me of Lake Powell. I love that your views are so beautiful. Wish we were following you there, also.

    Glad you had a nice viewing of the fireworks and that Sasha survived.

  2. Beautiful area what could be better: fireworks, planes, golf, a game of fish, rose bushes and the lake G&T? I suppose you'll never come home again!

    Happy Trails.