Thursday, July 11, 2013

Thursday - last day in Polson

Dear friend Tracy informed me that I have passed a milestone - 500 blog posts!   Who'd a thunk it?

Today is our last day in this wonderful location, boo hoo.   We've seen so much beauty, took a walk through the past, witnessed a million dollar fireworks show, mother nature's breathtaking colors in the sky every evening, met some really nice people, made new friends and, then there is that blue blue lake.   Man, are we going to miss it here.    Put your big girl pants on Suzi, on to new places tomorrow!

Yesterday we took a scenic drive around Flathead Lake with a few stops along the way.  Nancy and Norm were kind enough to stop by and let the dogs out so we had more freedom to wander than usual.   Thanks guys.

this little gal decided to climb over the floating log instead of swimming around it to get her ball!

we had lunch at the Tamarack Brewing Company - a very good choice
We stopped by a popular waterfront restaurant to check out their lunch menu.   It was too full of sunburned jet ski folks yukking it up and the country western music was blaring way too loud for us, so we backtracked and decided to settle for the Tamarack Brewing Company.  Its rare that I pass up eating by the water, but it turns out, I didn't have to!     The hostess led us through the restaurant and out onto a lovely, tree shaded patio next to a rioting little brook

I don't know if you can see this, but I tried to get a shot of the "mist" gently falling on our heads during lunch. (those tiny white dots and lines are water droplets, not more lens spots on this old camera)
At first we thought it was sap from the willows overhead, but nothing appeared to be sticky.
The waitress told us that the huge old willows suck up the stream and then silently "weep"

How cool is that!


Dave wanted to show you what snow chain damage looks like!

We stopped in the cute little town of Bigfork, on the lake's north eastern shore.   Lots of lovely shops, flowers, restaurants, parks and even its own small theatre company.

Debbie, it looks like the crochet fairy has been at work in Bigfork.
Brightly colored crocheted things all over town, in the oddest places!
On a bike rack, a door handle, flower planter, and one pillar in this restaurant's entrance.

spectacular window box planting

Dave tries to decide whether he's seeing an Eagle or an Osprey

Oh Dave, just look what he's taught the jeep to do.
I thought you're probably tired of seeing him smell the flowers, so here's a new twist!
Tonight we're having cocktails with friends here at Beluga, going into town for dinner with some of them, then back for dessert at a different motorhome.   What gadabouts we are!


  1. Looks like you met a lot of nice people during your stay.

    The lake and small towns are so nice. Love all the beautiful flowers. Shame on the Jeep!!

    Love the crocheted idea around town! Very creative.

    Travel safely tomorrow! Hope you had a fun evening out!

  2. What beautiful sights you have seen on this trip...truly breathtaking and thank you so much for all of those 500 blog posts and stellar pictures to match! This has been such a treat for all your friends too!!!!!

  3. We will have to go to Bigfork! We rode by there the other day, but didn't Joe will have to take me back! Aren't the flowers just beautiful in this area? I have so enjoyed taking picture of them.

    Happy trails!

  4. It was nice meeting you at the wedding and thanks for sharing your blog with us. This town sounds like the best of small town America, it makes us want to head out west as soon as possible. Montana bound!