Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Tuesday - Polson sky

4:30 a.m. storm sky

Yesterday we pretty much spent on food.  Grocery shopping and prepping a couple of crockpot meals to begin to stock the freezer for our drive home.   Its easier to just pull something out and heat it up quickly when we're on the road.  

After dinner and dishes we walked over to Don and Carol's and Dave, Don, Carol, Norm and Nancy played (I watched) a dice game called Mexican Train.   Pretty funny - no one really knew or remembered the rules, so they were made up as the game progressed.  I'm not much of a game player, I was a great disappointment to my mother growing up as she was the game queen and I was her only child.   My dad wasn't really into them either, poor Foof...

At any rate, we sat around the umbrella table as the sky gave us a spectacular show.

Carol, using her I pad to capture the wonder

don't ask.....


  1. Great to hear you aren't much of a game player, neither are we.

    Beautiful color to that sky!

    Looks like Dave and Lewis may have been at it again with Lewis ahead!!!

  2. Hubby and I aren't game players either. As a child growing up, I watched my parents play cards with the same group of people over the years. They both loved it. Next summer we plan a trip to Montana. Can't wait! Thanks for posting your beautiful photos, which just makes us want to go more.