Friday, July 12, 2013

Friday - on the road again

Instead of our usual "last night" solitary evening spent taking care of details, putting away what has crept out during a longer stay and getting to bed early we had a very social night.  Our next door neighbors, Don and Carol (of Pittsford, N.Y.) invited us out to dinner.  We invited them and our next next door neighbors, Norm (the pilot) and Nancy (the cowgirl/basket maker) over for a cocktail before dinner.   All the dogs came too, and  behaved like old comfortable buddies, so nice.

Jack's delicious Zabaglione with strawberries marinated in sweet Marsala

We had a nice dinner at Riccardi's on Main, an italian restaurant in "downtown" Polson, right across from the lake and then came back to the campground for a special dessert at Norm and Nancy's friend's lovely coach.  Jack is a widower who full times in his beautiful Patriot Thunder motorhome with Yody.   She's a tiny, ball of fire German Shorthair Pointer.    Jack enjoys his life.  He judges pointer field trials (from horseback - he carries his own saddle in the motorhome),  trials Yody and travels wherever and whenever he can.   We were invited to sample one of the desserts he learned to make on a recent trip to Tuscany.  Mmmmm, thanks Jack.      Yody had us in stitches, she's a real dynamo, but uber well trained.  Jack threw her toy and she stood stock still, pointing at it until he released her to fetch......He didn't release her by voice, he gently tapped the top of her head and she practically flew into the bedroom to get that red rubber toy.   We roared at her facial expressions as she tried to roll her eyes over her head to see if his hand was coming toward her.  All the while, not moving a muscle (well, she was quivering just a tiny bit)   What a hoot she is!    I tried to get a picture of her, but as you might imagine, they were all out of focus!

Nancy brought Lewis a dry crispy pig ear and he didn't move until it was gone.
Sasha thought it was gross

as we were closing up, this colorful Widgen practiced touch and go's on the runway right in front of us

We pulled away from the Polson Motorcoach Resort around 11:30 and headed south on route 93 towards Missoula and I-90 east.  It was a pretty easy drive, through more beautiful Montana scenery.   Montana calls itself the "last best place" and I can't agree more.   We've changed our plans a bit, because we can, and will
drop down into the northeast corner of Wyoming on our way home.  More on that later, when the plans gel.

I day dreamed a bit as we drove along and I missed a huge billboard advertising the Testicle Festival!   I tried to get the camera unsheathed quickly but couldn't manage it!   Another sign, further along told us that the theme for this year's Testicle Festival is "Royal Ball"!   Who thinks of these things?
In case you folks from the east don't know, Rocky Mountain Oysters are actually deep fried bull testicles, hence the Testicle Festival.....glad you missed it?

As we neared the exit for tonight's campground we heard a loud snap and bang.  We checked the side mirrors and saw our big awning unfurling and beginning to flap in the strong wind as we drove along the interstate at 70 mph....Dave quickly pulled to the side of the highway and we both jumped out.  He climbed up on the roof to assess the situation while I pushed on one of the arms with all my might to keep it from tearing off Beluga's side.     I can hardly type this blog because my arms are shaking from their unaccustomed workout.    Long story short, Dave rooted around in the jeep and came out with 2 bungees which he used to hold the awning arms still for the slow limp to our campground.   We were so lucky it was only 5 or so miles away.

Uh Oh

Luckily my driver has many skills and a big ladder
Luckily no damage was done

Do you remember Mr. Roger's Picture Picture?   Dave and Lewis use it to watch tv from the dinette!

After Dave and I were able to unroll and re-roll the errant awning, we came inside for a good dinner of left-over crockpot chicken.   This campground will do for the night, but it would be a nightmare for us any longer.    I understand there is some sort of baseball happening in town this weekend and everywhere is chockfull of tents and young people of all ages.


Thank god for our "poof" curtains.   Pull them down and "poof" everyone I don't want to see is gone and the only thing I can see is this beautiful sunset.   Ahhh.


  1. Lucky for those poof curtains! Looked like a zoo outside.

  2. Lewis and Dave are way too cool:)

    Glad you able handle the awning situation. Very scary! We are our awning from our two long hallway windows do that in CA. Thanh goodness John is handy and secured it to finish the drive.

    Yes, you need to leave that park.

  3. Great posts! We're going to be in some of the places you've been, it's nice to get a preview.