Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Wednesday - July 3

So here it is Wednesday the 3rd.   My thoughts turn to Conesus Lake's ring of fire and the wonderful fireworks displays we see all around the lake.      We're here at Flathead Lake, Montana and are looking forward to watching some pretty neat displays over this lake tomorrow night.  Not a bad substitute, we're happy.

I haven't showed you much of the area yet, so the following pictures span a couple of days.   I'm really off schedule, so these shots will pretty much catch you up on what we've seen since Saturday.

farm fields in the Flathead valley along route 206 on our way south  from West Glacier to Polson

our lunch view of Flathead Lake on route 35 south 

The shores along east side of the lake are covered with cherry orchards
D amn!  we're a couple weeks early.....

the water is so clear and the stones that line the shallows are so colorful.
This huge lake is  as beautiful up close as it is from a distance.

Polson is at the south end of the lake, the spine of the Mission mountains rise up on the east 

We took a "tour" of part of the south end on the boat pictured in the bottom left.
Pretty lame tour, but it was lovely to be out on the water for a couple hours.

Sasha sleeps off the low dose of benadryl given to help her through a small fireworks  "event" to commemorate Canada Day.  I think she'll need a little more for the 4th.

Dave and Lewis snooze after a strenuous ball game.   Lewis just can't give in, even in sleep....
windshield view at our new site.  The coach in the center is owned by a couple from Pittsford!
We had cocktails and good conversation with them tonight

view from Beluga's side window - not bad!
In fact, we'll now stay here through the weekend and leave Monday.....

this is a wonderful statue on the campus of the Salish-Kootenai College on tribal land

pictures don't show the fantastic details

So, we're up to date, right?  Tomorrow is the 4th of July, our second on the road.  We'll stick close to Beluga and avoid the crazy crowds at the parade and on the lake.   Its too lovely here to sit above it all and watch things unfold below us.  We have the perfect vantage point to watch a number of different fireworks shows.


  1. I love those sculptures ...please bring the horse one back for me. Maybe the posy picker could just sneak in at night and remove. Attach it to the top of Beluga. Wouldn't that look cool adorning one of my fields??

    Happy July 4th. Missing you guys lots. Wish you were home!

  2. The sculpture is awesome. I love the use of wire for the hair. I am a terrible artist and admire anyone who can do something like this.

  3. Another beautiful location and huge site. I like it!! We've driven by the lake several times but always on our way somewhere. We really need to stop someday.

    I love the yellow fields. They look like canola fields.

    Sorry about your "lame" boat ride...too funny!!

    Poor Sasha:( So many dogs have a rough time with the fire works. But the photo of the day goes to Lewis. What a great shot!! He must have the strongest jaws.

    Thanks for sharing so many photos of the area. I love seeing all of it:)

    Happy 4th of July!!