Sunday, July 28, 2013

Sunday - Home again, Home again, jiggedy jig!

our town

We're home.....but Beluga's excellent adventures didn't end when we pulled into our driveway this afternoon.....

or when we parked Beluga in front of her red barn......

We've got the travel bug, the travel in Beluga bug, and we've got it bad I'm afraid.  We're gypsies at heart so we'll be off again soon.    More Beluga's excellent adventures to come!

Thanks to  Fred's caring attention and capable hands the house was in excellent shape when we got home.  Everything we turned off  when we left, turned on again when we got home, and things we left on turned off when we asked.   No burst pipes, no mice damage, no vandalism, just a few cobwebs and dust to take care sweep away.

   And, thanks to the Cook's, (and Fred also, I suspect) the lawn and landscaping are as they should be.    A great relief to us.

   Summer promises to be busy for us, so I'm going to keep the blog going as long as I have interesting things to show you.   Probably not every day now, but who knows!   I started this blog only to keep friends and family back home current on our adventures, but it now it goes out to new and old friends all over the country and we are so lucky to have you all.   Thank you for riding along and talking with us and teaching us and helping us and and most of all, thank you for being our friends and staying in touch.

don't leave me!

The dogs are a bit confused.  They have a huge fenced back yard to run and sniff and just be dogs in, but they sit by the fence and implore us to come close.  When we're in the house turning on electricity, water, opening windows, looking for things we forgot, Lewis and Sasha are right on our heels.   They bump into us when we stop, wet noses on the back of our legs!   I guess they're used to living in close quarters with us and are having trouble adjusting to all this space!   We'll all work it out sooner or later.

We're staying in Beluga for a few nights, until the refrigerator gets good and cold and we can figure out how to get the "gunk" out of the washer.   I have mountains of laundry!

Before we ate the left over Bocce's pizza we took a quick ride over to the lake and see if all is well there.

view from the deck

Its amazing how nature takes over when no one is home.  Our property is almost overtaken by wild grapevines, roses and redbud trees, but it won't take long to get it back in hand again.   Like I said, its going to be a busy summer.

When we're tired of working around there are lots of "tourist" things to do, things we never had time for when Dave was working.    And there are lots of friends and family to catch up with.

Stay tuned....

sunset over the Genesee valley


  1. Now that we are stationary, we don't blog but about once a week. Mostly for a record of what we do. We turn our blog into a book at the end of each year. Don't feel guilty if you don't blog each day. We will read when you can post.

    Enjoy your "stationary" home and all it offers.

  2. You have a beautiful home! And the grounds are so green and lush! It's funny to read about Sasha and Lewis...I have often wondered what our pups will do if we ever settle down again...I guess they adjust ( probably better than we do).

    Nice sunset!

  3. Glad you made it home and everything was as you expected. It's nice that you had someone to take care of things. That was our biggest worry before the house sold.

    Your house and yard are lovely. Sorry we will miss seeing it in person. Maybe next time around:)

    That is too funny about Sasha and Lewis!

    Sounds to me like it might be time to become fulltimers!!!!