Monday, July 1, 2013

Monday (Friday's pictures)

We're in Polson, Montana at the end of beautiful (Hmmm, theres that word again) Flathead Lake.  Its quite hot and sunny, we'll take a boat ride on the lake later today.  Our campground backs right up to a beautiful golf course, but Dave says its too hot to play and his back is feeling good right now, no sense asking for trouble he says.

Here are the pictures from Friday's drive to the Hungry Horse Dam and Reservoir.

Hungry Horse Dam creates the Hungry Horse Reservoir out of the south fork of Flathead River

The dam is 564 feet high and the water on the back side is almost to the top!

Osprey's take full advantage of the burned trees lakeside

Dave walks down to the lake (reservoir) at one of the many access points

Definitely a place we want to return.   The whole area surrounding Glacier is just so inviting, we wanted to turn down every road and dirt track we came to.   Next time for sure.

The 4th of July celebrations have started here.  Fireworks are legal in Montana and from the way it sounds, everyone partakes!   Poor Sasha doesn't do well with noises like that (her reason for release from Guiding Eyes for the Blind) and she has less tolerance as she ages.   Fireworks are not permitted in the park we're in, but evidently they are all around us.   Ah well, this too shall pass.


  1. Once again, "beautiful" photos! You are correct that the entire area is so amazing. We also would like to spend some time at Flathead Lake. We just drive by and marvel at the beauty.

    Hope Sasha survives through the 4th!

  2. One of our up the road neighbors started some fireworks earlier this week and Glory just about had a heart attack. So close and you can feel the "BOOM!" I'm not looking forward to the 4th right now. What do you do to help Sasha?