Sunday, June 30, 2013

Sunday - heading out

Its Sunday morning and we're getting ready to leave Glacier National Park.  Yesterday we were at Whitefish Lake and the beautiful lakeside resort.  It was "Woody Weekend" so we saw  lots and lots of beautiful old (and new) wooden boats tied to the docks.  Afterward we had a delightful dinner with a Harley School classmate of Jesse's, Caroline and her boyfriend Shaun.

Here are the last pictures of the Going to the Sun Road, I promise.   More mountains, flowers, water an snow.

pay no attention to the jeep's antenna in this picture!

this waterfall was thundering right down at me!

another shot of the weeping wall

tiny wild good island

Jackson Glacier
It is estimated that by 2030 all the Park's glaciers will be gone......

a helpful photo in one of the National Park's official newspapers -
so we should know what we're seeing in the wild.....

here is the real thing!  a mountain doat!

guess he didn't like us

and here is a shot of the magnificent and rare Black Mountain Doat


  1. Your pictures were beautiful but last picture was funny. We were fortunate to take a boat tour on that lake. It was the last one of the day and there were only four of us. The guy was a student and took extra time to talk about the places we were going by including Goose Island.

  2. Fabulous vistas! And that "rare mountain doat" wow ...were you ever lucky to catch him in action!!

    We have beautiful vistas like that too ... we were just on Curtis Road Honeoye, NY at a lure coursing event. Glory really went wild for the lure! And tuckered herself right out!

  3. LOVE the water photos...and the rare black mountain doat! Too cute!

    Your photos are very much like mine here in CO. I think I am going to like MT!!

  4. WOW, what a gorgeous park! Hopefully one day my husband and I will get to visit this area. I bet the beauty of it all just takes your breath away. Lovely photos!

  5. Great job with the photos, Sue! Boy, there really is a lot of snow. Jackson Glacier has twice as much snow as when we saw it. I really enjoy the glaciers. It is sad that they are melting so quickly.

    The water was really flowing. I can just imagine how loud it was after hearing the water rush in Rocky Mountain NP. You picked a great time to visit. Glad you made it all the way there!

    Travel safely!