Saturday, June 8, 2013


Jesse, Erin and her parents came over last night for a simple dinner of pizza and salad.  Don and Susan were leaving in the morning and  the weather was so lovely we all enjoyed sitting outside at the picnic table until well after dark.

Dave, Susan, Erin, Jesse and Don

Today, the dogs had a lazy morning while Dave and I went to Jesse and Erin's to meet for a trip to the famous Eugene Farmer's Market.

The roses surrounding their front door are wild and exuberant.  Red ones, pink ones and they smell wonderful.  This is a really cute house, it fits them well and I know they will miss it when they have to leave.

Oh Dave.....
(and yes, he did bring me one of those roses)

Jesse's Ruby gently kisses Dave while Erin's Kikan snuggles close - what a welcome

The market was as good as I remembered it.  We shopped for dinner tomorrow.  Jesse and Erin will cook for us.   We  started our walk around  the booths with a delicious cup of coffee and a pastry.   Then we got down to business and started making our purchases.

Jesse and Erin with carrots and tiny strawberries

I can hardly believe the size of these morels.
Dave thinks they look like Lewis' tail!

this display of chard reminds me of bouquets of flowers

now we've added asparagus, morels, green onions, cukes, a red onion and some gorgeous pink peonies

some people carry their recently purchased produce in cloth bags.
Other people carry their little blond children in cloth bags!

Later, Jesse and Erin had dinner with some of their graduating friends and Dave and I had a nice, quiet supper at Beluga.  We built a little fire and enjoyed a grilled chicken sandwich that Tom  calls a "bushy tail", at least thats what I think he calls it.  Grilled chicken, bbq sauce, sharp cheddar and bacon on a grilled onion roll.  I cut up some of our Farmer's Market veggies just to stay on the healthy side!  Another nice evening.

sweet Ruby


  1. Ahhh...guess even newly minted architects must eat! Sounds like fabulous company, good food and great times. Hello to you all ....especially Ruby (she looks wonderful and I wish I could hug her soft coat!)

  2. So glad you are having such a wonderful time with family and friends. You weather looks perfect.

    I am drooling just thinking about the Farmers Market!!

    Enjoy your time with Jesse. Have a great dinner tonight.

  3. Seems like a great time. Hope the market is open while we're in Eugene.