Friday, June 21, 2013

Friday - unexpectedly delicious day

I left my disappointment at missing the winery behind and we broke camp this morning.  Our destination for tonight was the Wild Rose RV Campground in Colbert, Washington, just north of Spokane.  

when I opened the window at our rest area lunch spot I had the feeling I was being watched...this sweet guy  was in a horse trailer parked next to us.

Once again, we found ourselves on route 395.   Even though the weather wasn't nice, the ride was beautiful. I found the soft, green, undulating landscape lovely.  The sky and its dramatic clouds seemed huge.   We drove through enormous fields of wheat, red barns, green and yellow John Deere tractors, grey grain elevators and train tracks snaking along through the low spots in the hills.    We passed a sign proudly advertising "Lind - Home of the Combine Demolition Derby".   Only in America.   ( Later,  I checked it out on-line, its a pretty funny event to watch!)

After lunch we continued to follow 395 right through the middle of downtown Spokane.   Probably not the best choice of routes, but it seemed the only direct way to get north of the city.  Early on we made a bit of a bobble -  we were in the wrong lane for our turn and missed it.    Dave soon got us headed in the right direction and it didn't take long before we left the city congestion behind.   Its never an easy job to pilot a huge motorhome towing a car through tight city streets trying to find the correct street.... thanks Dave.

We turned into our little home for the night and were warmly greeted by the managers (owners?)  The woman in the office couldn't be nicer and her husband stopped what he was doing to lead Dave to our full hook up pull through site. He pointed out a huge fenced in field where we could let the dogs off leash to play (pick up poop please).   He told us to feel free to wander in the vegetable garden and take whatever we wanted.

The sun had finally come out so we pulled out the chairs and had a G&T on our large grassy sitting area.   Sasha really loves to  snuggle down in the thick grass.    We asked our guide if there was a pizza delivery to the park and he returned with a recommendation and their phone #.   Now, thats good service.

While we waited for the pizza, we walked around in the huge garden and picked salad fixings for dinner.


our bag full of three kinds of lettuce, spinach, onions and rhubarb

"I'm a lonely little petunia in an onion patch"

rhubarb pie?  rhubarb bread? rhubarb compote? rhubarb crisp?

Still life - Bovines and Rhubarb

Ooooh, I'd forgotten just how wonderful a salad right from the garden can be!   Pizza wasn't bad either, all in all we're really glad we stopped here!   Tomorrow its on to Libby, Montana.


  1. What a cool site ....and I'm going now to check out Lind- Home of Combine demolitionists!

  2. I agree! Nothing better than fresh vegetables. It is amazing how much more taste there is. You definitely pick a winning park!

    Travel safely!

  3. What a neat place ... and they share their fresh produce with campers, too. We could use one of those right about now ... eating plenty of fresh salads means frequent trips to the supermarket to replenish our supply.