Thursday, June 13, 2013

Thursday - BCA

Jesse says this is "Welcome to Oregon" weather......heavy rain interspersed with periods of bright sunshine, back and forth, back and forth all day long.  We did a few errands and met Jesse and Erin for dinner at Belly's Taqueria.   Dinner and margarita (only one) was very very good.   It was really nice to have Erin with us, although she had to get right back to work when they got home.

The new furniture has received the dogs seal of approval and are now valued members of the family

the couch sleeps well

Lewis finds the navigator's chair a comfortable place to keep an eye on the squirrel
                                                                Thats all for today

Hi Tracy!!!


  1. And so the sage continues...Lewis and the squirrel. How many more days does Lewis have to watch and plan for how to exterminate that little critter in his space???

  2. Get those rain coats ready. We were there last July. Beautiful scenery but foggy and wet. Hope the weather is much better for your stay.

  3. Love Lewis sleeping on the pillow!! Glad the new furniture meets with the dogs' approval!

    At least it isn't raining all the time.