Friday, June 7, 2013

Friday - Jesse and Erin's Terminals

Terminal.....that word doesn't describe yesterday.  It sounds negative, and yesterday was anything but negative.

It was a long, exciting, gratifying, tiring, busy, happy and proud day for all of us.   Jesse has finished his Master's of Architecture program and we were lucky enough to be at the presentation of his terminal studio project.  Erin's parents, her brother and sister-in-law and their tiny beautiful baby daughter were there for both presentations also.

Dave  entering the Architecture bldg.

last minute details in the studio

explaining the finer points of the project to dad

model makers - father and son

the guys put together a book detailing the key aspects of the project

Jesse explains their concept of the Nordic Heritage Museum to the first of three reviewers

the "dream team" plus one in front of their  project

the three men silently pulling for Erin during her presentation

Erin, her dad, a reviewer (seated) and Erin's mom

The day was busy.   Finding a parking space on campus with the NCAA Collegiate Track Championship going on (Eugene is nicknamed Track Town for a reason!) and various other end of the year affairs was no easy matter.    Jesse called us as we were approaching campus and gave us the location of a few empty spots, so we were in!    It was brilliantly sunny and  warm for our walk to the Architecture bldg. - the gods were smiling on us I think!    The campus was in bloom and guess who had to stop and do guess what.....

Oh Dave.......

We chatted with Jesse while he as finishing up some last minute details then went in to see Erin's presentation to the reviewers.  She did a wonderful job, got compliments and good feedback from the team.   Afterward, she went home for a much needed snooze, her parents and brother/et al got some lunch and Dave and I walked back to the jeep and headed back to Beluga for lunch and a potty break for Lewis and Sasha.

An hour later we were back on campus, looking for a spot to park again.   We couldn't believe our luck when we found one fairly close to our destination.   Reason it was empty is because the meter only took quarters, and a quarter only bought 12 minutes.    We fed it all the quarters we had and only got back a stupid blinking sign saying we had an hour and a half to stay there.   Grrrr.   We needed at least 4 hours!

Luckily the student union was just a few blocks down so we ran over there to get some change.  Back to the jeep, feed the beast, then back to the Architecture bldg.   Phew!

Jesse and his team gave their presentation, answered questions, and defended their decisions THREE different times, to three different reviewers.   The first was a Professor, the next were a Professor and an Architect and the last gentleman was a local businessman in the energy field.    Erin had her three reviewers all at once, only had to give her deal once, but Jesse and the guys had to do it over and over and over.

Jesse was happy and satisfied and proud of the hard work, mental and physical, put into this project.  The reviewers all asked different and interesting questions and Jesse had good answers to all.   We were just busting our buttons, we were so proud and impressed!

Jesse stayed to have a final group meeting with the Professors and take down their installation.   Dave and I walked back to the car and drove back to Beluga, completely exhausted.  (I know, I know, we had no reason  to be exhausted, but the emotion of the day had worn us out - who knew?)

Later we met everyone at one of our favorite Eugene restaurants, Marche, for a celebratory dinner.  It was a perfect way to end a really wonderful day.

Marche's beautiful courtyard

Oh, and congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Bell - we love you!


  1. How wonderful that you were there to watch Jesse and his team give their presentation! It is a great feeling to see your children's accomplishments. That's a very nice campus. We biked around it on a day trip to Eugene when we stayed in Salem last September. Congratulations to you and Dave!!

  2. Jesse Bank, Architect. Love it!!!! Congratulations and may the best come to you as you move forward...