Monday, June 3, 2013

Monday - windy beach day

Second cup outside in the sun, yes!  Its still very windy from the north but we seem to be just a little sheltered in our site so we had the chance to sit outside again this morning.   The sky is beautifully blue but the tops of the tall pines around us are waving in wild  circles over our heads and we're glad we can hunker down here and enjoy our coffees in peace.

That being said, we (I) needed to get to the ocean for a long walk, wind be d amned!  After lunch we took the dogs to Heceta Beach, just a mile or so away.

big, wide, windswept Heceta beach

Lewis and Dave played ball, what else do you do on a beach?  I leaned into the wind and walked down the beach with Sasha following in my footsteps.  She's not really interested in being sandblasted so she stays behind me out of the wind.   Smart old gal....

Today she decided to do some of her impressions.....I was able to capture them for you.

here she is playing Sally Fields as the Flying Nun

and here she portrays her favorite Rorschach Inkblot


A couple of hours on the sand and we were all thoroughly exfoliated and exhausted so we called it quits and headed into Florence to take care of a few necessary errands.  Thats pretty much all for today.


  1. What a fantastic photo with Sasha posing as the Flying Nun! Very cute.

    Glad you were able to get out for a walk even with the wind and sand flying.

  2. Sasha is so adorable in the wind ....just love those "flying" ears. Reminds me of my dachshunds in the wind and when running!
    Gotta love those dunes!