Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Tuesday - an expensive day

Monday - yesterday - we got Beluga ready for her new clothes.   Jesse came by and helped Dave do a few things and we then we went out to a great Thai restaurant for dinner.  Dave took a muscle relaxant at bedtime and slept like a baby, but the jury is still out on whether they work or not because he didn't take any today in preparation for driving Beluga up to Junction City for her "appointments".

GASP....we had to set the alarm to make sure we woke up in enough time to make it to Les Schwab Tire by 8:30.  The only other times we used the alarm on this trip were to make tee times!   Tough life, I know.

barefoot Beluga

four brand new sticker tires waiting to be mounted and fitted to Beluga's dainty feet
We can't say enough about the service we received at the Les Schwab shop in Junction City.  They were waiting for us, took us right in and started work immediately.  They worked fast, efficiently and cheerfully and we were in and out in about 2 hours.  We are Family Motor Coach members so we were able to use their tire discount program and saved a good bit of money on 4 new Michelin's.  Every penny helps.

Next we went to Countryside Interiors for our furniture removal and installation.  We left Beluga in their care and took the dogs to the river for a bit of exercise.   We sat in the sun and read for awhile,  until our bellies told us it was lunch time.  Max Porter's sweet little cafe to the rescue.  Then we simply sat in the jeep in Countryside's parking lot and read, dozed and talked the rest of the afternoon, waiting.

unbolting furniture

my recliner/computer chair is gone

no more chairs

Dave bids farewell to our old couch
The old furniture was donated to Habitat for Humanity, but the couch was too far gone so it was disassembled and recycled.

We were back at Armitage Park around 5 p.m. to settle back into our site  and then we met Jesse at LN (Lucky Noodle) for dinner.   A really nice, casual restaurant than can't decide whether its wants to be Italian  or  Asian.  The menu is divided right down the middle - Italian meals on the left, Asian offerings on the right!   Its all good.

The sunset was looking so beautiful on our way home, we detoured a bit and walked over the river to try and get a shot over the water.    Then, home to bed - NO alarm for us tomorrow morning!

beautiful, lacy bridge over the McKenzie River just outside  our park


  1. Wait a minute!!!! Did you forget to post the pictures of the new furniture in Ms. Beluga???
    Oh No ...another 24 hours to wait? Can't wait to see what's happening inside there? And what you picked! I never even knew you could change those types of things!!

  2. Is this a suspense blog? Are we to guess what the inside looks like? You can't leave us hanging like this. This is

  3. Are you serious!! No one cares about tires (well, maybe the male world), but new furniture...we care!! Pictures now!!! Even John was unhappy that there was nothing!!

  4. Ooooo...very excited to see pics of the new furniture! By the way a HUGE congrats to Jessie too!!