Saturday, June 22, 2013

Saturday - Mountain Time Zone

We're in Montana now, Libby, Montana.  We left Wild Rose RV before lunch and drove north on route 2, out of Washington and through the northern most tip of Idaho.  The drive was uneventful unless you count the small detour around the Rodeo Parade in "downtown" Newport.  I strained my eyes looking for a good picture of some rodeo stars, or bucking broncos tearing down the main street, but all I saw were firetrucks filled with kids moving slowly along, yawn.....

Our route took us back up into the mountains along a the swift Pend-Oreille River.  Not much to talk about, the scenery was beautiful in places, but mostly pines and a few small houses surrounded by tall grass that really needed mowing.  We passed a some dirt roads or driveways but otherwise, just a two lane road through the mountains.    Sand Point, Idaho looked like a fairly interesting little city but we were just moving through.

lunch spot
We stopped for lunch along the river and then continued on to tonight's destination,  Two Bit Outfit RV on route 2 in Libby, Montana.  Its a quiet, grassy little place and will do nicely for the night.  Actually, the sun came out once we got settled and it felt good to sit outside for a few hours before dinner (leftovers with another scrumptious salad courtesy of Wild Rose RV).  We've crossed over into Mountain Time so we're one hour closer to home.

Tomorrow we finally arrive at West Glacier, just outside Glacier National Park   We'll be there for a week and then work on how to proceed east.    We've a few options to consider.  

interesting moon rise last night


  1. Sand Point was named "nation's most beautiful small town" in 2011. You have a good eye for "interesting!"

  2. John said it looked like you were following the route we took last June as we traveled from east to west. Check out where we went if you are interested. We came through North Dakota and really enjoyed out three stops there.

    Enjoy Glacier! It has to be a whole lot cooler than the eastern half of the US. We are right into the humidity...deep!! I hear the west begging my return. John said if I keep moaning I might be going back sooner than I expected!!! Gee, can I do this alone...haha!

    Enjoy your drive. Looking forward to photos.
    Travel safely:)

  3. I'll be watching for your posts on Glacier as we will be there mid August.

    I am envious of your vegetable garden fix at the last place you stayed!