Monday, June 24, 2013

Monday - a Huckleberry kind of day

Yep, the forecasters were right, we woke to rain this morning.  We hung around til near noon then had to find a grocery store, we had nothing for lunch.  First,  we did a bit of exploring and had lunch in West Glacier .  Huckleberry Ice Tea for me along with a reuben sandwich.  Dave decided it was a good day for Chili.

We actually visited the Visitor Center at the beginning our our explorations, instead of the end.  What a great idea!

the forest is carpeted with these interesting flowers

bear grass

McDonald Lake

Flathead river

a 1930's White Glacier National Park Red convertible tour bus.
In 2000, the fleet was completely refurbished by Ford.
We look forward to taking a tour in one this week.

Who says its too cold for ice cream?  

its Huckleberry ice cream, ya got something to say about it?

These horses crossed the road right behind us.   I turned around so fast trying to take a picture that I put my foot right in  our huckeberry pie.....

He brings me flowers

today's "borrowed"  bouquet

a slice of squashed Huckleberry pie.
delicious nonetheless..... 


  1. I loved all the huckleberry items...yum!! I was hoping to buy some fresh berries...I think not! I was shocked at the price. $8.00 for a snack bag and $32.00 for a quart. Crazy!!

    The pie looked fine to me. I bet it was real tasty.

    Looks like a fine day even with the weather.

    Enjoy your time in Glacier. If you are up for hike, try hiking to the Grinnell Glacier. It is only suppose to be around for about 5-7 more years. It is five miles one way. I so wanted to do this hike but it was closed when we were there last summer.

  2. Wow ...just read Pam's comment about Grinnell glacier (how sad!!) What is the world headed for if we can't take care of our natural resources?

  3. It's NEVER too cold for ice cream.

  4. Mmmmm Huckleberries! Hans thinks we will be MT during cherry and huckleberry season, my fingers are crossed! (Though if the prices Pam quoted are "in season" prices, I may not be so happy!)

    Great photos, keep 'em coming!