Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Tuesday - Monday's news

Yesterday Jesse walked across the stage to receive his Master's of Architecture Degree.  We're so proud of him, this is a really big thing.   I won't gush, but our buttons are bursting.

Jesse rode his bike to the ceremonies (I'd have liked to see that!) but Dave and I drove to Autzen Stadium (Go Ducks!), parked and got on one of 5 huge shuttle buses for the ride to campus.  It was filled with proud parents/grandparents/friends and nervously chattering students.

Autzen Stadium

this Osprey is taking full advantage of Autzen's huge light standards

It was a very warm and sunny day.  A good day for the graduation ceremony especially because it was being held outside, rain or shine (and rain was called for).    We found a couple aisle seats and settled down to wait for the graduates to file in.

Is that Mary Poppins under the polka dot umbrella?

It got very very hot sitting in the sun, so we took our chairs and moved to the back, under some lovely trees. Much better, and actually a much better view of the stage.

Erin and Courtney  watching the ceremony

our boy

important moment

YES !!!!!

Sorry the pictures are fuzzy.  I was not close and had to shoot between people who were also trying to get a shot of their child.  His face says it all, out of focus or not.

I have no more pictures of the big day.  Jesse promised to put his cap and gown back on so we can get a more posed shot.  The end of the ceremony was somewhat confused and frantic, so Dave and I got back on the shuttle, rode back to Autzen, and then back to Beluga to feed the dogs and pick up a few last minute supplies for the graduation pot luck at Jesse and Erin's house.

I didn't even remember to take the camera in to his house last night so, once again, I have no pictures of the festivities.   It was a lovely evening, everyone brought food, pierogies, salads, fruit, and lots of grilled goodies.   There were graduates, spouses/significant others, some parents, and a few kiddies.   Great end of a very gratifying day.


  1. Congratulation to Jesse and his very proud parents!! It does feel good to watch your children being so successful. Glad the sun shone for the day:)

  2. Whoa!!! Congratulations first to Jesse!!! And now, WHEN does Erin graduate again?

    Looks like a splendid day was had by nice after such hard, earnest effort.

  3. I wish someone had a picture off the proud parents. I can picture both of you in my heart. It is a wonderful time in everyones life. The congratulations, festivities and exhilaration. My love to you all.

  4. I should have added exhaustion, happy exhaustion.