Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Wednesday - Tuesday and Wednesday's news

Yesterday was our last full day in Eugene, in Oregon actually.  We've really enjoyed the entire state, its beautiful and friendly and has something for everyone.  I hope we'll come back again someday.

Dave and Jesse played 9 holes of golf while Erin and I got our tootsies done.  It was an orange kind of day for the two of us....

Actually Jesse played 9 holes and Dave walked along and hit a few shots.  His back is feeling much better and theres no sense pushing his luck with some long driving days coming up.  We all enjoyed our morning and met at Jesse and Erin's house for lunch after our mornings activities.

Dave and I did a few errands, and then went back to Beluga to take care of our wonderful, patient dogs.
They haven't really had much fun while we were in Eugene, but they always happily greeted  whoever opened the door and climbed Beluga's stairs. Sometimes it was just us, sometimes Jesse, sometimes Jesse and Erin and sometimes our neighbor, Debbie.  They happily ate what we fed them and waited quietly for us to return.  What more could we ask.

Well, actually Lewis did have a tiny bit of fun with some new friends.  Nina, please don't let Polly see the next few pictures, Lewis doesn't want to hurt her feelings.   She is, after all, his very best friend.

Devin (Debbie and Scott's Irish Setter) and Lewis zoom

Lewis and Lyla (their English Setter) zoom

Debbie works, Devin relaxes

After we settled and fed, washed and changed, Dave and I headed back to Jesse's to meet them for dinner at Beppe and Gianni.  We've run out of time for some of the restaurants we like, but there's always next time.
I tried taking some pictures of our delicious meals (I had Cappelli di Vescovo - Bishop Hats) and fiddled a bit with the camera, but in the end we just ate and drank and enjoyed.

When we got back to Jesse and Erin's Jesse made good on his promise to put his cap and gown on for us so I could get another picture.  Once again, we fiddled with the camera, the settings, the lighting, but perhaps it was the wine but I wasn't happy with any of the pictures except this one....

This morning we packed up everything and broke camp for our long driving day.   Debbie came to say good bye and then Jesse and Erin arrived with cookies from Market of Choice!  How did we get so lucky?  It was hard to drive away.

So, good byes said, jeep hooked up, off we went.  I-5 north to Portland, I-84 east along the great Columbia River to 395 (yes, that same 395) north over the River to 14 west and Plymouth Park COE, our home until Friday morning.  We drove along the river frothing with whitecaps, busy with barges and windsurfers winding  its way between ancient mountains hung with mist and dripping with beautiful waterfalls.   We've simply got to get back here.

The further we moved east, the lower the mountains became until they were just smooth banks that looked like they were covered with tan and brown velvet.  What a beautiful ride.

Hmmmm, no pictures of the actual river!   Oh well, use your imagination.  Perhaps tomorrow I'll show you, or you could look back to last July when we were first here.

Dave says that from now on our trend is EAST, and you know what that means.  No definite arrival date  yet, stay tuned.


  1. This heading east thing is for the birds!! We are now down to 1100 ft in elevation. With that low elevation comes heat and humidity, not fun! Our mountain views have been gone for days:( Boy, this is really hard.

    But, on the bright side, we are hoping to catch you at home in NY either before we head to Clayton or after depending on when we all are in NY. Right now we are thinking it will be around the second week in August for our arrival to northern NY. But, who knows!

    So glad you got to spend some good quality time with Jesse and Erin. Leaving them is really tough. I love the picture of Dave and his granddog!!

    Travel safely!

  2. Oh, MUSIC to my ears (EAST!)

    However, saying goodbye to Jesse, Erin, The Marvelous Ruby, and Darling Kik ....made my eyes well with tears. Bring them back soon too!

    My favorite picture was the one of the 3 of you at Beluga: you with your loving hand on Jesse, almost like trying to remember that touch for the coming weeks/months ahead, Dave standing tall (Good Back!) and Jesse between you, loving you each in special ways, knowing what it means to say goodbye to those he loves. Thank you Erin for getting that photo, that moment so sweetly done.

  3. I'm sure it's with heavy hearts that you guys are leaving Oregon, but I'm sure you have some adventures on your way back east. Another HUGE congrats to Jesse. It's been really fun to "follow" his graduation.

    Oh, and Polly says it's OK...just this once though :)