Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Wednesday - anticlimax

So.....I didn't omit pictures of the new furniture to build suspense, or even to tease.   I simply didn't take any pictures until this morning!    Nothing exciting about the new stuff, pretty much the same as the old stuff its  just a slightly different color, smells nice and is really clean!

this new couch has the canine stamp of approval

Actually, this one is a bit different than the one it replaced.  It is a swivel, rocker, recliner.

driver and navigator seats are identical
And there you have it.  No big visual changes, but we're really happy with our new purchases.

The squirrel is still taunting Lewis.  I put the bird seed feeder away a few days ago, but the little darling still zooms around in the tree like he's annoyed with me.  He peers in at poor Lew from time to time.

Mr. squirrel has Lewis' full attention

After lunch we went to Jesse's house to do some laundry.   Dave dropped me off and got the jeep's oil changed and its dusty body washed and vacuumed.   Jesse and Erin did some work while I washed and read.    Ruby and Kikan kept a close eye on me, rumor has it that my pocket holds wondrous goodies.

When Dave got back I was still busy with laundry duty, so Ruby invited him up on her couch for a quick snooze.   Not wanting to hurt her feelings, he chose a spot on the other end and dozed quietly.

Erin was still on deadline, so Dave, Jesse and I went out for dinner.  She'll be done soon and we look forward to her company tomorrow night.  We had a great meal at Belly complete with rhubarb pie.  Take no pictures in a nice restaurant, I'm told, so you only have  my word for the quality of our food.

On the way to the car we walked by a Eugene original - Voodoo Donuts!   I didn't have my camera, so Jesse took a couple shots with his phone.  These donuts are over the top on every level.   Size, color, toppings and shapes.

bacon maple bar, donuts covered with fruit loops, one shaped like a red ice cream cone and.....


Nightie night.


  1. Poor Lewis and that smart-aleck squirrel!! He must be planning such sweet revenges.

    Nice new furniture...does look the same as the others. So nice for you to have it for the TRIP EAST!!! Remember do have to come home soon! Now you will be very comfortable.

    Ruby ...I love Ruby. And Kikan too! Sweet.

  2. Nice looking navigator chair. I think I test sat in that one, or one very similar to it. Mine needs to be refoamed, but I think it's going to wait, we have spent and are going to spend significant amounts of money in the Coburg area. New furniture is good. Happy trails for the summer.

  3. Thanks for clearing up the suspense:) I really like your new chairs both the recliner/rocker and the co-pilot seat. I am sure the ride will be much nicer.

    Love the photo of Ruby and Kikan!! You definitely had some treats somewhere!

    Amazing donuts!!!