Sunday, June 2, 2013

Sunday - BCA

I'm sitting here in the early evening sunshine, listening to the pas de deux from the Nutcracker Suite on Sirius.   We just got back from an unexpected and delicious dinner at the river and I'm a totally happy camper.   I'm getting used to this No TV thing, and its turning out to be just fine.   The dinner was unexpected in that we had just run out to pick up some take-out bbq only to find out Craig's family bbq wasn't open tonight....

We drove into Old Town Florence to see if 1285 Restobar was open, and it was.  We got a table in the window so we could keep an eye on the dogs in the jeep and settled down for dinner.   It was fabulous!  Herb Crusted Halibut with Shrimp Sauce, mmmmm.  The atmosphere was friendly and the place was full of locals.  So, now we're back home and getting ready to watch a movie.

We spent most of the day listening to the NASCAR race on the radio.  It was over by about 2:30 and since it was windy and quite cool out, Dave suggested building a campfire.   Great idea, we had some left over wood to burn and the nice hot fire was delightful and sort of decadent to sit by in broad daylight!

Sasha takes her usual post NASCAR snooze

Lewis supervises from a distance

birds were singing maddeningly out of sight

finally we located this spotted Towhee singing its little heart out for us

a fire perfect for toasting marshmallows, if we only had some

Rhododendron shadows dapple Beluga
On the way home from dinner we stopped along the river to watch the wind reconfigure the sand dunes on the other side.

wind is a mighty force here

Suislaw River beach behind our campground with the ocean in the distance


  1. I had a hard time "orienting" myself to that first sand dune picture....are those cliffs or just the angle of the camera?? Very interesting shot.

  2. Looks and sounds like a fabulous day!! Love the foot shot!!

  3. My kind of day. I'm relaxed just imagining....