Sunday, June 16, 2013

Sunday - Saturday's news

We got in late again last night, so today you're reading yesterday's news!

Our friends, Debbie and Scott, followed us into the downtown Farmer's Market yesterday about 10 a.m.  We led them to the site and then separated.   While we were waiting for Jesse and Erin to meet us at the coffee spot we perused the produce and made a few purchases before things started to disappear.

We bought strawberries, the very last stalks of rhubarb, cucumbers, the last two containers of shelling peas,
(sorry Scott....) and two beautiful peonies.  We made our way back to the coffee booth and met up with Jesse and Erin.   We took a few chairs into the shade to enjoy our delicious, low tech coffees and pastries.  Scott and Debbie evidently had had the same idea and they brought their chairs and goodies to join us for some pleasant conversation.

Jesse, Erin, Dave and I left the market with full bags and drove down 5th street to a neat garden/kitchen store to browse (translation - buy) a few things.  I bought two dry corn cobs for our "squirrel foiler" contraption.   So far though, no takers...

Oh Dave....
After lunch, Jesse and Erin brought their dogs over for a quick visit and a trip to the river.  Its easy to access it right from our campground and everyone loves to splash around.   We didn't take our dogs this time and I'm so glad we didn't!   To get to the river, we just follow a short, shaded pathway which opens into a beautiful clearing and then down to the river.     When we came out of the woods, we saw what looked like hundreds of  little round tents all over the clearing.   They put me in mind of warts on a toad's back.  Each tent had at least one or two bikes and most of them had little tow behind a bike trailer thingys parked nearby.
Kids of all sizes and shapes whizzed around on bikes of all sizes and shapes.  It looked like it was an REI sponsored get together and everyone was having a great time.

It would have been Lewis' worst nightmare.  

The river bed was filled with families enjoying the water also.  Ruby and Kikan paid the crowd no mind.   They went about their water business, oblivious to what was going on around them.   Kik dutifully retrieved a stick for Erin and Ruby retrieved a large log and proceeded to turn it into mulch.  She chews so hard and enthusiastically her gums bleed and she's absolutely in her glory.

Ruby's second favorite water related activity is getting toweled.  Notice her furiously wagging tail.

Later on Dave and I drove over to Jesse and Erin's house and we all piled into his car for the beautiful and winding drive to King Estates Winery and our 8 p.m. dinner reservation.   It is a beautiful place, serene and ordered.   The food is just what you want and the wines speak for themselves.  Another of our favorite places.

We arrived early by design.  We all looked forward to taking a good bottle of Rose outside on the terrace and enjoying the expansive views.

Dave simply cannot pass a rose without sniffing.  Jesse and Erin head inside to the wine bar

Cool glasses of Rose and two special people

Our table wasn't ready on time (we didn't really mind all that much!) but our wait was rewarded with complimentary glasses of a wonderfully bubbly Pinot Gris   I like this place.

As I said in the beginning of this post....we got home pretty late, tried to watch a bit of Saturday Night Live, and promptly fell happily asleep.    Life is good.


  1. Beautiful pictures of Erin and Jesse ...I can't wait to meet her! When are they coming east???

  2. I love all that beautiful produce!!

    Looks and sounds like a fantastic evening. So glad you are having a wonderful visit with Jesse and Erin.

  3. I am in awe of the produce you are seeing! One huge plus about being on the West coast right now!