Monday, June 10, 2013


We had a quiet day yesterday.   Dave's back is still acting up so we just tried to lay low and see what happens.     Lewis didn't rest - he kept the vigil.

our nemesis

Squirrels are having their way with our birdfeeder.   So much so that I finally took it down, sorry birds.  The one in the picture above took the lid off and just hung in it upside down cramming his little cheeks full, hand over hand!   Then he dropped to the ground and ate what he knocked onto the grass below.  You can see the top sitting at his feet.     Lew spent most of his morning, after our outside second cup, standing in Beluga's open door, watching.......     We've a payback in the works, stay tuned...

Around 4:30 we went to Jesse and Erin's house for dinner.   Jesse and I ran out to Market of Choice to pick up some steaks and a few accompaniments then started on our dinner.  Dave tended the charcoal,  grilling asparagus, steaks and roasting a head of garlic.  I did prep work, cleaning, slicing, chopping, grating.  Jesse worked his magic and produced a  wonderful potato, leek, gruyere and morel gratin.   We drank a special bottle of Tempranillo he's been saving for just the right occasion.   I think this graduation classifies as one, don't you?    Poor Erin was still glued to her computer - school isn't quite over for her yet.
She finished in time to join us at the table, dinner was complete.

I took no pictures.  We were all to busy making the meal and afterward, too busy eating it!  You'll just have to imagine how good it looked and tasted.

part of the clean up crew

This morning we finally bit the bullet and called Dr. Tan for some muscle relaxants for Dave.  I hope they give him some relief.  Once again, finger's crossed.

This afternoon Jesse will come over to help us unbolt my chair and clean out Dave's "pantry" under the couch in preparation for the new furniture's arrival tomorrow.


  1. Sounds like a fabulous dinner...yummy!!!

    Can't wait to see the new furniture!

  2. I hope that Dave's feeling better....ugh. Bad backs. No fun!

    New furniture??? Cool.

    Love to all.

    P.S. And the real question: did Lewis get the squirrel yet???