Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Tuesday - Saturday's pictures

We've changed our plans a bit and are staying in Polson through the 4th of July holiday.  The campground we're in right now (Eagle's Nest) is completely booked for the holiday, so we're moving up the hill to the Polson Motorcoach Resort this morning.  Our site will have expansive views of Flathead Lake, the  mountains and a sweet, small airport.  Just right for fireworks displays.

Saturday, we spent the afternoon and evening at Whitefish Lake, near Glacier National Park.   The Lodge at Whitefish Lake was hosting a "Woody Weekend", Woody being the nickname given to the glorious old (and new...) wooden boats.    We wandered the docks, admiring the shiny, perfect shapes and listening to the throaty motors as they pulled away from their slips.

Afterward we enjoyed cool libations on the patio while we waited for our dinner guests to arrive.   Caroline, one of Jesse's Harley School classmates, lives nearby and we haven't seen her for many years.  She and her boyfriend, Shaun, met us at the Lodge and we enjoyed a 4 hour dinner filled with good food and wonderful conversation.   Thanks Caroline!

Here are some pictures from our sunny, lakeside day.

a delicious Oregon Rose and Moose Drool!

They are MUCH cuter in person.   Sorry for the terrible lighting guys!

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  1. how nice to be able to visit all these friends across the country and make new ones!

    Love,love,loved the wooden boats. Spectacular.

    In honor of you and Dave, we're taking Strawberries, Grand Marnier and some sugar to a 4th of July gathering on Keuka! Happy 4th Everybody!

    We'll miss you!