Friday, July 26, 2013

Friday p.m.

We're settled into the last campsite before we reach home.....Darien Lakes State Park.    I won't say more than it is a small State Park on a weekend in summer.  Lewis isn't a happy camper.

Tomorrow one of our oldest friends will come for a visit and  bring our benchmark pizza, Bocce's.    It will be wonderful to see her again, fingers crossed that the rain will hold off long enough for us to sit outside and have second cup with her.     Later in the afternoon we'll settle the dogs and drive into the Buffalo area for a family wedding.

Here are the rest of the Chautauqua Institution pictures.

Thunder Bridge
Kids called the bridge "thunder bridge" because its wooden deck made such a thunderous sound as they road their bikes over it.
The caveat when it was rebuilt - it must make the same sound as the old bridge.
How great is that!

JoAnn's house nestled into its gardens

JoAnn with Wink and Sunny, her Saluki rescues

steam tour boat

 grand old Athenaeum hotel presiding over the waterfront

we were being watched.....

part of a friend's whimsical back garden
made from bridge cables!

close up of an incredible Turtle Rock the owner found and had sent home from China

JoAnn and Dave

an incredibly beautiful outdoor staircase

flowers fron JoAnn's garden will make Beluga beautiful

the open air amphitheater before last night's concert


  1. That area is absolutely gorgeous.

    I love the back garden. The turtle rock is so cool.

    Enjoy your visit with your friend.

  2. Beautiful photos...I so love the garden pictures...the bridge cables are way cool and very creative.