Friday, July 26, 2013

Thursday - written on Friday!

We had an absolutely lovely day at the Chautauqua Institution yesterday thanks to dear friend, JoAnn.  We met her for lunch, then took a long walk all around the grounds, admiring the fantastic old (and some new) homes, their gracious, welcoming porches, the sparkling lake and the colorful gardens, meant to be seen up close.   There is limited car traffic in the Institute, so everyone either walks or bikes and that really slows the pace of life beautifully.  Kids race in the sun, folks walk by and say hello or simply sit and read.  Boats steam by, or race by or slip by soundlessly, riding the wind.  The sounds of music of all types hangs in the air, sometimes loud, sometimes barely heard depending upon what you are passing by.   Students practice, radios playing quietly on porches, pianos being played somewhere.  Often the music is simply the clicking of game pieces and laughter as families play board games on those iconic, flower filled porches.  Pretty special place.

I don't have much more time left this morning, so I'll just show you a few pictures of yesterday, I'll give you the rest later....

Dave and JoAnn, deep in conversation

waiting patiently

JoAnn's two Salukis, on chipmunk watch

We ended the day with a concert in the Amphitheater.   It was to celebrate the 20th  anniversary of the reconstruction of their massive Massey Memorial Pipe Organ.  Toccata & Fugue in D Minor, Organ Concerto in G Minor and a rousing, goose pimply Symphony #3, Op 78 in C Minor by Camille Saint-Saens.  It brought people to their feet.

Back at Beluga later, the moon was shining on water.  Great end to a great day.   Once again, Thanks JoAnn.