Saturday, July 13, 2013

Saturday - Big Timber, MT.

We slept like babes last night.  The campground that looked like it would rock all night long, didn't.  When we got up this morning, the tents were all empty and everyone had gone to whatever baseball or folk festival thingy that was going on in Butte.

We assume our driving positions and off we go

So, we were on the road again, heading for our next stop in Big Timber, MT.  We stopped for lunch and fuel at a Flying J.   It appears one can get more than fuel and fast food at Flying J's now a days.  We saw a blacksmith trimming hooves in the parking lot!

An uneventful drive through more beautiful Montana scenery brought us into Big Timber and our stop for the night.   We're at Spring Creek Campground and Trout Farm.  Its a very pretty, friendly place right on the banks of the Boulder River.  It looks like the Boulder River runs into the big Yellowstone River just a little ways down.    We were lucky to snag a pull in spot right on the water.    Just after we got settled in a passing thunder storm dumped on us, but we didn't mind.   Cocktails in the front seats, watching the racing river is not a bad way to end our day.

behind Beluga is a beautiful lawn area with 2 trout ponds.
Too bad we're only here for one night.
Tomorrow we're following I-90 east and a bit south into Buffalo.  Buffalo, Wyoming that is!


  1. That is a nice the view! Lewis and Sasha look quite comfy in the riding position! Too cute!

    Safe travels!

  2. Well, Buffalo NY is not too far off in your future now!

    Watching twin fawns in Lockwood's last night. Racing and chasing each other, jumping and leaping! very adorable.