Friday, July 19, 2013

Friday - Wisconsin

Wisconsin - a state I've never been to before!  We're in for the night at Country Roads Motorhome and RV Resort in Lake Delton, Wisconsin, the Wisconsin Dells.  We are smack dab in the middle of a fifth wheel rally of some sort, a lonely little petunia in an onion patch (sorry Lisa and Debbie, no aspersions on fifth wheels, some of our favorite people live in them!)   We were assigned another site, but it made poor Beluga teeter precariously, so we were moved here, amongst people that all know each other.
Beluga is down on all fours again, so we're happy where we are.  It looks like the nasty weather front we've been chasing for a few days is still in front of us, so thats a good thing.    Still really hot here, but tomorrow promises to be in the high 70's, much better for 3 of us......

don't get excited Cindy - its Rochester, Minnesota.    I'm such a tease....

Lots of construction on I-90.  One lane or the other has been closed for most of our drive.  That makes it tough for Dave - keeping this huge whale between the shoulder of the road and the itty bitty orange cones that separate us from the semi's  rocketing along from the other direction is a tiring job, especially in pretty frisky winds.  Sirius Radio and singing along to Rock and Roll Friday help keep the driver relaxed.

These cranes on the highway shoulder make us both especially nervous, deja vous  For those of you who don't remember, we were once driving our car on I-90 approaching Verona, New York when a crane, much like the one above, slowly toppled over and fell across all the lanes of traffic.   We could see it happening and Dave was able to stop just in time....the boom crashed down on the road immediately in front of our stopped vehicle AND everyone behind us was able to stop also.   We just sat there and shook.  It was miraculous that he was able to stop, that the truck in front of us made it through before the crane smashed down and that the trucks and cars following behind us at 70 mph were able to avoid us......

we drive along the mighty Mississippi River 
We'll stay here tomorrow and tomorrow night to rest up and then set out for Elkhart, Indiana to have dinner with old friends before continuing our trek east.

our sweet old friend,  Sasha Marie


  1. Sweet, sweet Sasha ...can't wait to say hello to your kids!

    We're back down to the 80's today ...phew. Nasty humid weather be GONE~!!!

    You ARE a tease but even Wisconsin sounds amazingly close to me now! Can't believe it! you're headed home (finally..................)

  2. I hope you have a moment to explore the Dells. Sometime on your journeys head to Door County. I miss much about Wisconsin. Not Southern Wisconsin so much.

  3. Driving through construction is NOT fun. At times I have to go in the back...way too close.

    Enjoy the rally...haha!!

    It has cooled down up here on the river but the humidity is still very high. Very damp.