Monday, July 15, 2013

Monday - Sundance

We left Buffalo around 11 a.m. and drove east on I-90 to Sundance, Wyoming.  We'll stay there two nights and rest up a bit.

If you unfocused your eyes, you could almost see herds of bison roaming the wide, rolling prairies.   What I actually saw were small groups of pronghorn, mule deer and scattered angus foraging on the wind blown grasses.     Once again the scenery is beautiful here, not dramatic, but beautiful in its simplicity.

The weather must rule this area because at almost every entry point to the interstate there were crossing gates and lights and signs telling us that if they are flashing, the highway is CLOSED.    Miles and miles of tall snow fences marched along with us, reminding me that you don't argue with snow and wind.

these snow breaks are probably 10 feet high, hmmmm.  Glad we're here in summer

We stopped for fuel (after heeding warnings that there would be no services on this stretch of highway), lunch and a quick stop at Walmart for a few "ahem"....essentials.

We're all set up at the MountainView RV Park in Sundance, Wyoming (where the Sundance Kid got his name) and are looking forward to one whole day of leisure.  Its a nice, small park in the middle of town, which isn't saying is tiny.  We have expansive views of rolling plains and wide skies, although the clouds slowly moving in from the west are slightly disconcerting....

tonight's view


  1. Wyoming is beautiful! I do love the small parks and small towns! It's also good to take a break from the road.

  2. Love, love, love Montana the summertime!