Friday, September 7, 2012

Friday - bye bye Eugene

We had a nice relaxing morning, all the while knowing we had to vacate our site by noon.

Dave loves Ruby - Ruby loves Dave

Its so nice to have sweet Miss Ruby with us on this part of the trip.  She and Dave have a "thing".  They're embarrassing.....

 As we were having our morning beverage outside in the sun, a car slowed, stopped and a blonde woman got out and approached us.  It was Nina!  Of "Wheeling It" fame.  In case you don't know her, she writes a blog that I've followed for more than a year and is one of my travel inspirations.  She and her husband, Paul, and their dog and cat travel full time in their motorhome, "the beast".  They are quite a bit younger than Dave and I, but share many similar likes and dislikes.  I won't bore you with the details, but it was quite a thrill to actually meet her.  The recommendations she and Paul post for campgrounds, routes, restaurants, dog friendly venues, etc. have helped us immeasurably on our adventure.  Even shy Lewis was happy to meet her, who knew!  Last night, as I read her blog, I realized she was in our same campground, just a few sites away.....

After a quick  lunch in the parking lot, we took off on route 126 to our next destination.  It was an easy drive and the view from Beluga is so different from what I see in the jeep.   We arrived at Belknap Hot Springs Resort and set up at our spot.  Its really pretty and quiet here, tv, and  very very spotty internet and cell coverage.  We checked in at the main resort (we're down the road at a satellite campground) and rented a couple movies.     I'm not sure this is the place for us, but we're going to give it at least overnight to see.

On our way here, we passed a very nice looking campground, so after we set up at Belknap, we loaded the dogs and drove back to check it out.    Its really nice and private, has availability. cable tv, internet and only $10 more per night.  We drove around and picked out a few sites we'd be happy with.    We'll see where we finally end up.  I know, its ridiculous.....but my surroundings are important to me.

We enjoyed a g&t in the sun and then went into Beluga's air conditioning (its 97 right now) for a cobbled up dinner.   It was good and now Dave is cycling the dogs out while I write this.  It looks like an early bedtime for us all.  Stay tuned.

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