Thursday, September 6, 2012

Thursday - Jesse's back yard

Last night was uneventful, the dogs slept well together and after breakfast we packed up and left Armitage Park.  We dropped Beluga off at Freightliner for its service work and went to Jesse's for lunch and some laundry while we waited.    Lewis and Sasha really enjoyed the freedom of the  fenced in yard.  For the first time since we left home they were able to roam at their leisure.  To Ruby, it was home, to Lewis it was paradise and to Sasha it was a place to sniff to her heart's content.

There was one little cocky squirrel in the yard.  He came down the tree and dug around in the yard nonchalantly,  getting closer and closer to Lewis.  All afternoon this  cat and mouse game continued (or, more accurately, this poodle and squirrel game).  Lew almost caught the little bugger a couple of times, but that just made the stalk and chase even more exciting.

See the tiny squirrel in the patch of shade?  Lewis does....

he had Lewis' complete attention

this little guy doesn't know what he's in for....or perhaps he does

And....he's off!

missed....and waiting for the next chance.
Ruby and Sasha enjoyed their afternoon in the yard in different ways.  Dave and I ate our lunch from the Market of Choice on the umbrella table outside.  Ruby tried to make the sandwich fall off the table by the power of her mind.....

the old floating sandwich game

Dave read a while, then moved indoors for a quick snooze.  Reading often does that to him.  Afterwards, he went out front and watered Jesse's vegetable garden.  Snuck a chocolate cherry tomato while he was at it.  Yummmm...

No pictures of me because I was buying the sandwiches, doing the laundry and taking these pictures!!!
Its so nice to have the camera back.

Beluga wasn't finished until 4:30, so after we loaded up all the laundry and the three dogs and picked up Beluga, we decided not to drive all the way to McKenzie Bridge.  We try not to pull into our destinations after 4 or so, we're all happier getting settled before we're hungry and crabby, so we went back to Armitage Park and found an empty spot for the night.  Nice to be back!  I guess tomorrow will be our last day in Eugene...

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  1. Lewis! The mighty hunter ....loved the pictures of the little squirrel baiting poor Lewis. And especially Dave kissing Ruby ...that's a keeper! I wouldn't give Ruby back either ...she needs a long road trip with you guys. Sweet girl. Nice to see her again, even if it's only camera pictures.