Saturday, September 15, 2012

Saturday - part 2

morning coffee in the sun

sharing a little morning snack with friends
After another great morning, we met Jesse and Erin and drove to the wonderful Eugene Farmer's Market.
Erin, Jesse and Dave  strolling the Market in front of me

Cindy, is this Walnut Hill caliber???

Mmmmm, Pasties for lunch....

a Meyer Lemon tree, should they or shouldn't they?

Merry Christmas early, Jess

We went our separate ways after purchasing goodies from the Market.  Jesse painted his porch, Erin grocery shopped and prepped dinner, Dave did a quick water pump fix on Beluga and I made a fruit salad from the yummy melons and blueberries we bought this morning.

Later on we drove back to Jesse and Erin's house for dinner.  Erin made a wonderful meal for us....Boneless Country ribs with fresh peach salsa,  sundried tomato/goat cheese puffs, Kale chips, corn on the cob (Dave was tingling...) green beans and individual rasberry lemon pudding cakes!!!!   What a meal.....I've requested recipes for everything.

Erin working in the kitchen

Dave and Jesse took turns working on the fire

I forgot to mention, Ruby helped

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  1. Oh, what a beautiful kitchen! So cozy and comfortable and a talented cook, from what I just read! With her little blonde helper!

    Yes, Sue, that hat would turn a few heads at Walnut Hill!

    Great that the four of you can spend such time together ...what a treat and treasure of memories.

    And that farmers' market!!!! That looks stunning...almost overpowered the entire blog with the photos.Cute little lemon tree and one lucky couple.

    Hugs to you all!