Monday, September 3, 2012

Sunday (I know, its Monday...)

We got back to Beluga too late last night and I was way too tired to sit down and post, so here I am on Monday morning.   Sorry!

 This being a holiday weekend, the campground is full and sometimes that worries poor Lewis.  Saturday, the site across from us held monsters.  Little, long haired, sparkly, erratic squeaky wheeled monsters.   They darted in and out of sight, making lots of noise, wheels clacking on the blacktop, sometimes flying up into the air, shrieking, laughing and sometimes crying.  Just when he finally relaxed and closed his eyes, they'd fly out of nowhere and he had to be vigilant again.  It was a long day for him.

And Sasha....last night there was a beautiful, long fireworks display somewhere near here - it was a long night for her.

Sunday was a work day for us.  Dave and I had our usual, relaxing morning then headed over to Jesse's house to help him re-do his front porch.  While Dave measured and figured, Jesse mowed his lawn and cleaned up the back yard and I went to Market of Choice for lunch and groceries.   Actually, I went to the Market a few times yesterday, ahem....      We had decided to eat dinner in, after I went shopping initially, so back I went for more ingredients.  I made a peach pie, meatloaf, macaroni and cheese and roasted carrots (from the garden). Comfort food to be sure. (It was so nice cooking in that big open kitchen with its big gas stove and full size oven.  I found Erin's baking supplies and rolling pin and set to work.  We opened a wonderful bottle of wine and enjoyed a relaxed dinner in Jesse's pleasant dining room.

Jesse contemplates his pre-dinner gin.  Love that blue glass, Erin

Monster update - when we pulled in last night, the motorhome that held the "monsters" had gone...Lewis can relax.  Sasha was positively vibrating from the fireworks display,however.  They're nuts, the two of them.  Today Dave will go back over and help with the porch, but I think I'll stay here and spend some time with my doggies and take care of a few little jobs that I've been neglecting.   We'll have dinner together later on.

Camera update - its on its way back to me!  It is scheduled to be delivered to Jesse's house tomorrow.  I'm so happy, my phone camera doesn't take the pictures I want it to, it does its best, but not good enough!  The phone will be happy to go back to its original purpose, one its good at instead of listening to me point out its inadequacies.


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  2. Poor Lewis ...were those little wild children you were referring to? And firecrackers??/ Well, you guys better head back to quiet old Reservoir Road for solitude and the help the dogs calm down. We'd all love to see you and PARTY!!!!!

    Missing you both...